Iraq’s connections to 911, Al Qaeda, and Terrorism

America’s Left, World Socialists, the Clinton Administration, and the United Nations stood by helplessly for eight years as Saddam Hussein made a mockery of them…made a mockery of their growing list of U.N. Resolutions…made a mockery of their ‘tOhGh’ talks and warnings to him, Saddam Hussein…made a mockery of the “oil-for-food programme” (Resolution 986). It appears that America’s Left, World Socialists, any Democrat Administration, and the United Nations were prepared to simply stand by forever, and to allow Saddam Hussein to continue mocking them.

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Penis Shrinker/Reducer…

i’m always getting unwanted email, and last year i got one for “Penis Enlarger”. That email got me to thinking, and i did some research to see if anyone was offering something that would be more useful to men like me…as in a Penis Shrinker/Reducer. Guess what i found??? Apparently no one had ever invented something that could shrink or reduce the size of a penis!?! Plenty of modern-day Foot Shrinking businesses (dating back to early China & early Japan)…there’s head-shrinking, tummy and chin tucking, Breast Reductions, stomach and thigh shrinking, but no Penis Shrinking businesses!?!?!?!

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