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The Racist American Left

Posted in Liberalism, Racism by Karmi on November 17, 2004

Racism is Alive and Well in America…so to speak ‘Da *TRUTH*!!!

What a disgusting so-called “cartoon”, huh. Pat Oliphant created it, and i don’t know how many newspapers published it. Such *CRAP* and such *PURE* Racism from America’s Left is why humble Low and Ignorant Insane swamp hermit me decided to finally Vote, and i am older than most reading this. Such *HATRED* hasn’t been seen since that of the Nazis back in pre-WW2.

i use to think that the Doonesbury cartoons were cute. What do you think??? Now, at best, i find them disgusting, demeaning to Women, and clearly Racist…at best.

Those two pale in comparison to the New York Times’ cartoonist Danziger. Danziger’s site is probably not updated yet, or he is trying to hide his cartoon from today, and i don’t read the New York Times nor any of their ‘siblings’. Dig this ‘One’ by Danziger, in case it was an earlier one…so to speak.

See the demeaning and Racism??? Condi…barefoot, legs spread, probably pregnant, and with a passel of ‘Kids’/‘Tubes’. Look at her cartoon characterization, and the words attributed to her in it…like “I KNOWS all about…” Like “I don’t know NUTHIN’ about…

Basically, America’s Left is willing to stand with the poor, with the minorities, as long as they ‘Stay in Their Place’, and as long as they vote for the Democrat Power Base. However, watch what happens when a Black American Woman (or Man) decides to stand on her own, without the so-called “help” from America’s Democrat Party.

Yes, Racism is Alive and Well in America…

The Socialist/Democrat ‘pArTy’ is about unbridled Ego. Unbridled Ego gives ‘tRuTh’ to *LIES*…Unbridled Ego gives ‘tRuTh’ to *LIES*…so to speak The *TRUTH*!!!

Swåmp Hermî†

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