Iraqi *TEARS* and *BLUE* Fingers…

Iraqi *TEARS* and *BLUE* Fingers…

With tears rolling down her eyes, a veiled Iraqi woman shows off her finger stained with blue ink and a small card reading ‘Elect Iraq’ after she cast her vote in a polling station in Amman, January 30, 2005. Millions of Iraqis flocked to vote in a historic election on Sunday, defying insurgents who killed 25 people in bloody attacks aimed at wrecking the poll. 

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Madame Secretary…Condoleezza “Steel Magnolia” Rice

Steel Magnolia

Madame Secretary (aka – Secretary of State)…Condoleezza Steel Magnolia” Rice was 8-years-old when her schoolmate Denise McNair was murdered in the bombing of the “Sixteenth Street Baptist Church” in Birmingham, Alabama, by white supremacists on September 15, 1963. Denise would have been about 53-years-old today, if some *KKK* Terrorist had not bombed that Church.

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The Sword of Damocles

Whilst we Americans are holding all kinds of “Hearings” – like the 9-11 Commission hearings, like the Alberto R. Gonzales hearings, like etcetera etcetera etcetera – during a time that we are involved in a War Against Terrorism, in some kind of an attempt to explain why Terrorists were able to Attack us and if our responses are appropriate, humble Low and Ignorant Insane swamp hermit me am reminded of “The Sword of Damocles”…so to speak.

Sword of Damocles

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Water Boarding and Abu Ghraib

How many reading this…how many here reading this have been thru any type of Military Training??? Humble Low and Ignorant Insane swamp hermit me has been thru such in the Army, but am not sure how the Navy does it.

Heck, most civilians have never even heard of the term “Phone Booth”, when it is applied to the Army’s “Captive Training” course, and obviously Ted Kennedy has no clue what some might say that “Water Boarding” is about. From what i am hearing today, “Water Boarding” is a training technique used in the U.S. Navy. Ted Kennedy invented “Automobile Boarding”, and today he dared to ask Alberto Gonzales about “Water Boarding”?!? From what i am hearing, no one dies from “Water Boarding”, but *MANY* die from “Automobile Boarding”…so to speak whilst mentioning “Chappaquiddick”.

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