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Madame Secretary…Condoleezza “Steel Magnolia” Rice

Posted in Liberalism, Politics, Racism by Karmi on January 27, 2005

Steel Magnolia

Madame Secretary (aka – Secretary of State)…Condoleezza Steel Magnolia” Rice was 8-years-old when her schoolmate Denise McNair was murdered in the bombing of the “Sixteenth Street Baptist Church” in Birmingham, Alabama, by white supremacists on September 15, 1963. Denise would have been about 53-years-old today, if some *KKK* Terrorist had not bombed that Church.

Condoleezza Rice, Ph.D. (sometimes referred to as Condi Rice) (born November 14, 1954), is the current United States Secretary of State. She is the first African American woman, the second African American (after Colin Powell), and the second woman (after Madeleine Albright) to serve in that post.


Last week we all witnessed Senator Barbara Boxer trying to “soften up” Condi. This week, we all found out why. The Democrat Party was about to unleash their *PRIZED* White Supremacist onto Condi. Yes, another Democrat Senator, Senator Robert C. Byrd. Before continuing, please allow me to mention another Democrat Senator at this time, Senator Ted Kennedy, especially since he was also involved in this *RACISM* by the Democrat Party.

It takes a “Steel Magnolia” to face down the likes of a Robert “Sheets” Byrd. Robert “Sheets” Byrd was once a “Kleagle” in the Ku Klux Klan. Run an Internet search on this White Supremacist Democrat Senator, and learn something about America’s Democrat Party!!! Well, Senator Robert “Sheets” Byrd has claimed that he is no longer a member of the *KKK*, but just look at his recent quotes, and what he did this week.

Enough of the *RACISTS* and *FACISTS* of America’s Democrat Party, and it is now time to move on to a simple “Steel Magnolia”…so to speak.

Let us all try to now imagine what went on in the mind of Condoleezza “Steel Magnolia” Rice, when she was just 8-years-old. Michael Moore has bashed firearms here in America, and yet he hires bodyguards who carry firearms to protect him. The American Democrat Party, and their Mainstream Media, will quickly run to the side of a Michael Moore, even when Terrorism is involved. This is what Condi has to say about Terrorism:

“If you’ve been through home-grown terrorism, you recognize there isn’t any cause that can be served by it … Because what it’s meant to do is end the conversation.”

 Now…answer humble swamp hermit me this: ‘Why is Condi a Republican’??? No answer, of course not, since that isn’t included in with yore brainwashing. Try this, in Condi’s own words, and then try to explain to yourself why the likes of a Boxer, a “Sheets”, and a Ted would be allowed to freely insult a Woman like “Steel Magnolia”:

“The Democratic Party’s speeches to women, minorities, and the poor really meant helpless people and the poor. I decided I’d rather be ignored than patronized.”

Hey, Condi’s *HISTORY* keeps getting better, and explains why the Democrat Party is looking to destroy her. Have you *RACISTS* and *FACISTS*, or brainwashed Hillary loving Liberals heard this one yet??? No, of course not, because it is about a Family, and ‘Da *MOM*!!! Goes like this:

In profiles, Rice talks about being hollered at as a child by a white store clerk for touching a hat. Rice’s mother told the clerk ”Don’t you talk to my daughter that way!” Her mother then said, ”Now, Condoleezza, you go and touch every hat in this store.

Let us hope that humble Low and Ignorant Insane swamp hermit me hasn’t stressed yore brainwashed Liberal ‘iMaGiNaTiOn’ too far at this point, huh. The Democrat Party’s power stems from keeping the minorities down and dumb, and “poor”. The Democrat Party needs “Mob Rule” (aka Communism or Socialist) in order to survive, and America is into much more than another form of “Mob Rule”…so to speak.

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