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Iraqi *TEARS* and *BLUE* Fingers…

Posted in Iraq, Liberalism, Politics by Karmi on January 30, 2005

Iraqi *TEARS* and *BLUE* Fingers…

With tears rolling down her eyes, a veiled Iraqi woman shows off her finger stained with blue ink and a small card reading ‘Elect Iraq’ after she cast her vote in a polling station in Amman, January 30, 2005. Millions of Iraqis flocked to vote in a historic election on Sunday, defying insurgents who killed 25 people in bloody attacks aimed at wrecking the poll. 

We are watching history in the making, and humble Low and Ignorant Insane swamp hermit me is *GRATEFUL*. Recent elections in Afghanistan…the Palestinian People recently voted…and now elections in Iraq. Yes, we are watching historical events taking place in places that few ever even imagined being possible…so to speak whilst ‘Bumps of Chill’ caress my humble flesh.

America is clearly winning the War Against Terrorism and the *SUPPORTORS* of Terrorists. Bold actions by President Bush, American Troops, PM Blair, British Troops, Afghan voters, Iraqi voters, and many others who have taken a stand against the Terrorists are paying off by showing that the ‘Light’ of the “Untamed Fire of Freedom” can reach even ‘Dark Corners’ like Afghanistan and Iraq.

What is most surprising to humble Low and Ignorant Insane swamp hermit me is the list that makes up the *SUPPORTORS* of Terrorists…the list of those who have stood against such bold actions:

1) Mainstream Media.

2) America’s Democrat Party (much of it anyway).

3) The United Nations (much of it anyway).

4) France and Germany.

5) Anti-War groups (who believe that *PEACE* arrives ‘magically’).

6) World Press (much of it anyway).

7) Human Rights groups (who have ignored the plight of those under tyranny).

8) Socialist groups (who claim to represent the “working class and oppressed peoples”).

Whilst facing such insurmountable odds standing against them, it’s quite amazing that the Iraqi people were able to vote, and have what appears to be a huge turnout of voters. Iraqis defied threats of violence from Terrorists, from “Insurgents”, and calls for a boycott of the election (echoed loudly by Mainstream Media and most of the World Press). Iraqis risked their lives in order to vote, whilst the Terrorists sought to stop them with attacks on polling places using suicide bombers and mortar volleys. Iraqis ignored Senator Ted Kennedy’s last-minute attempt to “Undermine Iraqi Election” when he used a similar tactic that Osama bin Laden used in an attempt to manipulate the recent American Presidential Election…so to speak of such insurmountable odds.

Look closely at the *EYE* of this Iraqi Woman…ignore the tear…ignore the blue finger…ignore the small card, and focus on what her eye is saying.

Good News for America is *BAD* News for Democrats”…so to quote.

Swåmp Hermî†

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