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Osama…The Film about another “Osama”

Posted in Islam by Karmi on March 25, 2005


My first attempt at doing a movie review:


That was a Dualistic movie review, and a terrible first time attempt…sorry about that. Here, please allow humble Low and Ignorant Insane swamp hermit me to try again, using the Non-Dualistic ‘Method’…so to speak of a Karmic Movie Review:

Osama – Here in this remote Florida swamp, TV is limited to 2 fuzzy stations when using “rabbit ears” or any standard outside antenna which is less than 100-feet tall, and the cable people won’t bring cable to my hut…thus, i now have DirecTV’s “Total Choice Premier” package. i now have lots of channels, and *LOTS* of movies to choose from. Osama was listed several times, over approximately 6-months, but i kept avoiding it (mainly because the title and menu description didn’t “Callout” to humble me) until last week. Last week, after trying a couple of other movies first, i tried Osama after it had already started…as in missing the first 5-minutes or so. My first thought was “Bummer”…as in another foreign film with “Letterbox” and “Subtitles”, and i almost went back to channel surfing.

Almost…almost…almost until a second thought popped into my head, in the form of a question, “Why is that girl tying something around her just cut hair that she just picked up off the floor?!?” i was *HOOKED* when the young girl then placed that cut and tied hair/plant looking ‘concoction’ into a clay pot, and am still *HOOKED*. BTW, check out the above photo again, and take notice of the clay pot that i now speak of, before continuing.

A *MUST SEE* Film!!! Writer *AND* Director Siddiq Barmak uses amateur actors in this *FILM*, as in he discovered his starring actress/actor, Marina Golbahari, working on the streets of Kabul as a beggar, and cast her as Osama!!!

Few, if any, of our Hollywood professional actresses or actors could compete with the acting that i witnessed in this, and *ALL* (which includes Writers, Producers, Directors, etc.) of Hollywood *KNOWS* this now rather simple *FACT*!!! At this time, humble me is at a loss for words, and so shall end with a brief “Story Line” of what the *FILM* is about…so to speak…barely speak.

“The movie tells the story of a 12-year-old girl whose father and brother have died and who must disguise herself as a boy to leave her house and support her family. In the era of the Taliban, women could not leave home unless accompanied by male relatives.”

The World has stood by for long enough, surrounded by a Sea of Injustice, whilst merely watching ‘Da Tides of such a Sea of Injustice advance and recede with the likes of a “Hitler Tide” or ‘Saddam Tide’ or ‘Taliban Tide’…as if the World was at some seaside resort watching the movements of an ocean.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

 Swåmp Hermî†

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