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The “Polish Plummer” – Legacy of *RACIST* France

Posted in Liberalism, Racism by Karmi on May 21, 2005

European Ambitions Hang on French Vote

SNIP…The “no” camp even has built up a bogeyman, the “Polish Plumber,” to symbolize fears the treaty will enable cheap laborers — plumbers from Poland, construction workers from Portugal — to flock to France, putting hundreds of thousands out of work.

Racism in France is so abundant that many French citizens think that Lech Wałęsa is a Jewish Polish “Plummer”. America’s MSM should conduct a poll in France on that instead of always seeking to ‘create’ a poll or ‘create’ a so-called breaking news story against our American Military and its Commander in Chief, President George W. Bush. MSM ain’t about to conduct such a poll, since they are too busy trying to save their *MASTERS*, the American Democratic Party. In fact, MSM is so busy trying to find anything negative about the American presence in Iraq that they would rather focus on how long it has taken for the Iraqis to form a government that will write a “Constitution”, than to mention how long it took the European Union to form, or even to how long it took for them to write a “Constitution”, or even to how long it has taken for the European Union to ratify their so-called “first constitution”…so to speak.

France has had a *RACIST* mindset since they first sought to colonize the rest of the world, during the days that France “wanted to export a gentry class, who would make the natives do the work while the gentry lived in leisure.” BTW, that was way before their infamous “French Revolution”, and apparently the *RACIST* agenda of the so-called French ‘Gentry Class’ continues to this day…Saturday, May 21, 2005.

Humble Low and Ignorant Insane swamp hermit me isn’t sure when the French “Gentry Class” *CITIZENS* of France decided to add anti-semitic to their ‘native’ list of those inferior to them, but suspect that it at least started in the very early 1800’s, and way before the infamous “Dreyfus Affair” and Theodor Herzl showed up in the early beginnings of France’s Legacy…so to speak.

One ‘Thang is for *SURE*…France has a very long history of being *RACIST*, long enough that unlike the history of most countries (and Bill Clinton), France has a Legacy before its historical days have ended.

Swåmp Hermî†

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