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Incompetent Leadership verses Competent Leadership.

Posted in Liberalism, Politics by Karmi on September 22, 2005

Incompetent Leadership verses Competent Leadership. Posted by Picasa

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

The Democrat Party and *THEIR* Mainstream Media were waiting for a catastrophe to show up, so they could blame President George W. Bush for it, and Hurricane Katrina showed up. Three hurricanes hit my area of Florida last year, and few here complained. One hurricane hits Louisiana’s New Orleans, and one might now think that W dropped a Nuclear Bomb on New Orleans, huh.

Louisiana is a Democrat State, and New Orleans represents what the Democrat Party has to offer. If there had been an Election going on, then the Democrat Party would’ve bussed their constituency to the voting booths…simple as that.

Katrina was not the first hurricane to hit America. Heck, New Orleans’ Democrat Mayor Ray Nagin just got into another fight with the Bush Administration, as Hurricane Rita was headed towards the Gulf of Mexico!!! The unbridled ego, inaction, lack of any Leadership from the Democrat Party is on display in Louisiana. Watch and learn…so to speak.

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