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Valerie Plame and Joe “The Hippie” Wilson

Posted in Liberalism, Politics by Karmi on October 24, 2005

Bring on the Lawyers…i know Prostitutes.

CIA Leak…covert operative…clandestine CIA agent…CIA operative…covert officer…etc.

Valerie had been none of those since the CIA had basically ‘notified‘ Cuban Intel that she worked for the CIA, something like “six-years” (?) before this new so-called CIA Leak Drama even started. Anyway, apparently Patrick Fitzgerald saw early on that no law had been broken:

Patrick Fitzgerald Quickly Asked for Wider Probe

Here is a quote by George Friedman of Strategic Forecasting Inc. (BTW, Valerie was/is a NOC):

Then there are those with non-official cover, the NOCs. These agents are the backbone of the American espionage system. A NOC does not have diplomatic cover. If captured, he has no protection. Indeed, as the saying goes, if something goes wrong, the CIA will deny it has ever heard of him. A NOC is under constant pressure when he is needed by the government and is on his own when things go wrong. That is understood going in by all NOCs.

Now, this all leads humble Low and Ignorant Insane swamp hermit me to a Karmic TheoryThe CIA had used Valerie as a ‘Prostitute‘. Valerie was aging by the time that the CIA accidentallynotified‘ Cuban Intel that she worked for the CIA, and info is not easily gained by offering sexual favors from an aged woman…so to speak of time running out on Valerie.

However, here was Valerie, the CIA had accidentallynotified‘ Cuban Intel that she worked for the CIA, during the Clinton years in Office and during the Clinton administration’s CIA ‘Cuts‘. Prostitutes are not stupid, especially if they work for the CIA. Valerie landed a cushiony job with the CIA, just across the Potomac River from Washington, D.C., and began to search for a Washington, D.C. husband type. Along comes a former Ambassador, Joe “The Hippie” Wilson, with a full head of hair, and a ‘Story-to-Tell’ about drugs and too many wives. Valerie and Joe soon married…so to speak of a “Match made in Heaven”.

Now, back to George Friedman of Strategic Forecasting Inc., and one more of his quotes:

What we do know is this. In the course of events, reporters contacted two senior officials in the White House — Rove and Libby. Under the least-damaging scenario we have heard, the reporters already knew that Plame had worked as a NOC. Rove and Libby, at this point, were obligated to say, at the very least, that they could neither confirm nor deny the report. In fact, their duty would have been quite a bit more: Their job was to lie like crazy to mislead the reporters. Rove and Libby had top security clearances and were senior White House officials. It was their sworn duty, undertaken when they accepted their security clearance, to build a “bodyguard of lies” — in Churchill’s phrase — around the truth concerning U.S. intelligence capabilities.

i sent Mr. George Friedman an email on 10/17/2005, and he did not reply. Perhaps i should send his article to Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald, and ask Pat to question Mr. George Friedman since Mr. George Friedman has such close connections to the CIA. The same CIA that had OUTED Valerie to Cuban Intel…the same ‘Skeleton-Crew’ that was left of the CIA after Bill Clinton had finished picking ‘Da Bones of the former CIA…the same CIA ‘Skeleton-Crew’ that broke this now former rule of the real former CIA:

Indeed, as the saying goes, if something goes wrong, the CIA will deny it has ever heard of him.

Well, apparently the CIA actually looks at women and men differently, and clearly the current CIA ‘Skeleton-Crew’ ignored some of the former rules here, huh. Especially since they were the first to call for an investigation, an investigation that was conveniently picked upped immediately by both the Mainstream Media and the Democrat Party’s leadership. Talk about a perfectly Choreographed ‘Production’ or a real Vast Conspiracy, then take a closer look at such timing…whilst humble Low and Ignorant Insane swamp hermit me points out a few ‘Rush-to-Judgment’ missteps in this maze of seemingly amazing Choreography

1) CIA outs Valerie in a message sent to our so-called “Diplomatic” position in Cuba, in care of the Swiss Embassy (seems it was the Swiss?) in Cuba. (NOTE: Its as if the CIA had no clue that Embassies hire local workers!?!)
2) Clinton administration continues to cut CIA funding.
3) Al Gore loses.
4) George W. Bush gets blamed for inflation, bad economy, Enron, Global Crossing, and the 911 Attacks…etcetera.
5) Clinton, former Clinton administration, CIA ‘Skeleton-Crew’, Mainstream Media, United Nations, and Democrat Party fear that W will actually take action against Terrorism.
6) Clinton’s infamous “Legacy” is in serious trouble.
7) W decides that enough is enough, and takes action against Terrorists and “Supporters” of Terrorism.
8) W addresses the Planet Earth, and speaks of the “Axis of Evil”. Planet Earth’s Liberals, Socialists, Communists, Mainstream Medias, and the United Nations are in shock. Terrorists and “Supporters” of Terrorism remain undeterred, since they were bored by eight years of such talk and Saber Rattling.
9) Afghanistan will be first, but W warns the Taliban there first – “Turn over Osama” or we will kick your butts. Planet Earth’s Liberals, Socialists, Communists, and Mainstream Medias are in shock whilst predicting, “at least 5,000 body bags will be needed for dead American Troops during the first year in Afghanistan.”
10) Senator Bill Frist…watch the timing here.
11) Congressman Tom Delay…what timing!!!

Action embarrassed the supporters of Bill Clinton and his infamous “Legacy”, since his legacy immediately tilted towards Inaction and/or Catering to America’s Enemies.

The Attacks of 911 mean absolutely nothing to America’s Left now. America’s Left will stop at nothing in order to now defeat President George W. Bush. Yes, even if it means siding with known Terrorists. Joe “The Hippie” Wilson can lie as much as he wishes, because MSM and America’s Left ignore such lies…not to mention his CIA wife protecting and helping him, for ‘sOmE’ reason. Osama and Saddam get a Get Out of Jail Free Card, the CIA ‘Skeleton-Crew’ finds love, and Valerie gets Joe “The Hippie” Wilson…so to speak.

Chances are up, and America needs to be pruned…

‘Charlie Joe’, your wife is nothing more than an aged Prostitute of the CIA, who got lucky, and who is nothing more than a Delta-female.

Swåmp Hermî†

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