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*REAL* Torture…Saddam style.

Posted in Iraq, Islam, Liberalism by Karmi on January 25, 2006

Back during the time that the Democrat Party, the Mainstream Media, Old Europe, the AP and Reuters, and most American Liberals were accusing our Troops of torture at Abu Ghraib, the WorldNetDaily broke the following story:


New video reveals
real torture scandal
Saddam’s daily horrors make America’s
Abu Ghraib abuses seem almost trivial


In that article, the WorldNetDaily mentions that Washington’s American Enterprise Institute was doing a screening of a “4-plus-minute video clip” for reporters, and that “only a handful of reporters showed up to see the new video, and even fewer reported on it.” Apparently, reporters didn’t actually want to *REPORT* on what *REAL* Torture was about, choosing instead to continue their so-called ‘rEpOrTiNg’ on what they falsely claimed was torture of prisoners whilst Americans ran Abu Ghraib…so to speak whilst also suggesting that you follow the above links, and then watch that “4-plus-minute video clip” for yourself.

Perhaps the American Enterprise Institute had made the mistake of sending the reporters some photos of the “4-plus-minute video clip” named, Naming Names, and they did not see anything newsworthy, huh.

Well, today, January 25, 2006, the WorldNetDaily has a new article, and now points to a Blog that has almost 12-minutes of Saddam’s *THOUSANDS* of Hours of *REAL* Torture (which includes 2:12-minutes of just one of 40 such poison gas attacks against Kurdish targets in 1987-1988.”

Saddam’s atrocities
exposed on video

Footage released in response to charges dictator ‘demonized’

The Foundation for the Defense of Democracies (FDD) links to a site with the videos (4 of them), with the following Press Release:

As Saddam Trial Resumes, FDD Reminds of Regime’s Horrors

Lots of “WARNING” and “ALERT” notices posted for those who wish to see such (don’t ask me why), but anyway:

ALERT: Saddam’s Crimes Against Humanity **GRAPHIC VIDEO MATERIAL**

Click on that last link, and see a few minutes of some *REAL* Torture…so to speak.

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