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Cartoons…Freedom…and, so-called “rage” in the Muslim World

Posted in Islam, Liberalism by Karmi on February 7, 2006

Is the following photo a Cartoon or the Freedom of Expression by Muslims in the Muslim World?!?

*ONE* of Three beheaded Schoolgirls Posted by Picasa

Where is the Muslim World’s so-called “rage”, for their own acts of violence, when they see this obvious young Schoolgirl’s beheaded head next to its body?!? Why isn’t Mainstream Media showing this photo to the whole World??? They show Muslims who are upset over some Cartoons, and report about that so-called “rage”, but they don’t actually report the whole story. Heck, what was the name of the beheaded Schoolgirl??? How old was she???

The teenagers were attacked on their way to their Christian school near the city of Poso, in the eastern province of Sulawesi, on 29 October.

Three were beheaded, and apparently a fourth got away (since no one survives a beheading, huh): A girl who survived the attack reportedly told police there were six machete-wielding attackers, dressed in black and wearing masks.

“Six” Muslim males were unable to attack and behead four Schoolgirls??? Figures!!!

Perhaps this Muslim ‘Cartoon’ Mob needed twenty or more members, in order to catch and behead a fourth Schoolgirl victim. MSM never mentioned much about Zahida Parveen either…so to speak of the toughness of Muslim so-called “Males”. American Women best wake up in 2006…

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