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Oprah presents: “The Color Purple”

Posted in Islam, Liberalism, National Security, Racism by Karmi on March 24, 2007

UPDATE: Just back from manatee poaching trip (Hey, everyone has to make a living! I harpoon them, which is a humane way of poaching them), and noticed someone from Harpo Productions has linked to this post. The Lady Zahida Perveen and I would like to thank Harpo Productions and Lady Oprah for doing so.

Life – for women – in the Muslim world is not easy, and Lady Zahida Perveen is only one example of the many, many Victims who live under Islam“In Pakistan alone at least three women each day – including victims of rape – are murdered, many just on the suspicion of behaving dishonorably.”

I guess that ‘Life-in-a-Burka’ might not be so bad, when Young Girls are trained from childhood to wear such, but living under the threats of “Honor Killings” and Slavery has to be a horrible way of life for women.

Namaste Oprah,

Great movie…money talks, huh. Just noticed that Oprah Winfrey wants more than a ‘part’ in “The Color Purple”…see: “About the Production“.

Anyway, humble Low and Ignorant Insane swamp hermit me am almost sure that Ms. Alice and Ms. Oprah didn’t actually mean to reflect slavery in the story; however, it does come through quite clearly after several viewings, e.g. ‘Scene One’ pretty much puts slavery on “Center Stage” with Celie’s father/step-father parading her in front of “Mister”. Do Black American Males now owe Black American Females “Reparations” for past slavery, like *ALL* of ‘White’ America does?!? OK…lets throw out “Reparations” and start again…so to speak of Mother Nature working in strange ways to some humans.