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Obama lacks "Character"…

Posted in National Security, Obama, Politics by Karmi on May 2, 2008

It’s Obama’s Character, Stupid

A must read, by Kyle-Anne Shiver, at the American Thinker.

With Obama’s Philadelphia-speech, hedging and squirming around specifics, and now with his final, “unequivocal,” outright disowning of Jeremiah Wright this week, I have more evidence than I need to conclude that Barack Obama is either one of two things:

Behind Door #1: He is a reprehensible liar, who privately still believes, and has always believed, in the philosophy espoused by his long-time pastor, spiritual mentor and “uncle” figure, Jeremiah Wright, but for opportunistic motives, now publicly disavows his own true beliefs; or

Behind Door #2: He is a man of no integrity whatsoever, who has partaken of another man’s friendship and political help for nearly 20 years, who has now publicly dumped and disgraced this benefactor for personal gain. Jeremiah Wright is not some flunky that Obama hired last week out of a far-left think tank or fresh from the halls of Harvard. The two men were close, like family, by the candidate’s own pronouncements.

Whether the real Obama is behind Door #1 or Door #2, only Barack Obama now knows for certain. But either way, he has disgraced himself in the eyes of many Americans, and if he offered his hand, some of us older-timers would decline to shake it.

Where do the democrats find such people?!?

Swåmp Hermî†


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