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Affirmative Action and the "Afrosphere"

Posted in Affirmative Action, Afrosphere by Karmi on May 27, 2008

What a mess the Democratic Party is! Sheesh!!

Not being satisfied, with a just a plain ole Blogosphere, some African Americans decided that the Blogosphere needed to be segregated.

It’s the Internet, stupid!

You know the place one visits where no one can see their race, age, or gender, i.e. the Internet.

It’s the Internet, stupid!

Anyway, THE Afrosphere apparently wants the DNCC to take some Affirmative Action in order to allow more African Americans bloggers onto the DNCC floor.

Democratic National Convention and Black Bloggers

First, the term “floor blog, the DNC admits, is almost synonymous with “white blog”, since virtually all of the 55 DNC-selected “state blogs”, save one or two, perhaps, will be white blogs. The DNC does not deny, but instead confirms, that virtually all of the blogs credentialed for the floor are white blogs.

Er…OK, I guess!? WHITE blogs!?!

It’s the Internet, stupid!

Minority Bloggers Need to Be Present at the DNC Convention

Given Clinton’s “kitchen sink” race-baiting strategy, some racial healing is going to be needed before, during and after the convention. The Democratic party is dependent on a strong African-American turnout to win in this election in certain battleground states that might turn blue if we show up in numbers never seen before.

Funny how the Clintons have suddenly become R-A-C-I-S-T-S, in the minds of Obama’s supporters. After eight years of worshipping the Clintons, followed by at least six years of defending the Clinton Legacy, these former supporters are now referring to the Clintons as…R-A-C-I-S-T-S!? Unbelievable….

Democrats’ Convention Pool: Is It All Wet?

On African American Blogs, Sharp Words for Candidates

No quotes for those two links because I’m getting sick at my humble stomach, after reading such ridiculous crap!

It’s the Internet, stupid!

Swåmp Hermî†


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