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Obama will ‘GUT’ our Military and Defense programs

Posted in National Security, Obama by Karmi on June 8, 2008

(Hat tip: Investor’s Business Daily (IBD) – Obama’s Plan To Disarm The U.S.)

Remember President Bill Clinton? The former President who cut our Military and our Intelligence gathering agencies? Yes, that’s the one. Bill Clinton emboldened our enemies by ignoring their declaration of war against us…by ignoring their attacks against our homeland (WTC 1993), our property (the USS Cole and our embassies in Tanzania and Kenya), and our citizens both here at home and abroad.

Bill Clinton had weakened our National Security to a point that we are still trying to recover from it. Barack Obama plans on gutting our Defense spending, our Military and Defense programs, i.e. weakening our National Security even more than Bill Clinton did…much more.

What is really scary about Obama’s plans are his close friends, advisors and associates. Obama’s words are like an echo-chamber of and for anti-Americanism. Without even a pause, he has said that he will meet with enemies such as Iran and North Korea…“without preconditions.” Without even a pause, he now says that he will “cut” (‘GUT’ would be more accurate) our Military and Defense programs…during a war with at least two fronts, and whilst China, Iran, and Russia are massively rebuilding and improving their Military capabilities.


Main Entry: 2gut

1 a: eviscerate b: to extract all the essential passages or portions from
2 a: to destroy the inside of b: to destroy the essential power or effectiveness of

Main Entry: eviscerate

1 a: to take out the entrails of : disembowel b: to deprive of vital content or force

Make no mistake…Barack Obama plan’s to hand America’s sovereignty over to our enemies.

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