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Obama and Antoin "Tony" Rezko

Posted in Corruption, Obama, Politics by Karmi on June 15, 2008

Obama: I trusted Rezko

This corner lot formerly owned by Antoin “Tony” Rezko’s wife, Rita, is next door to the home (right) of U.S. Sen. Barack Obama in Chicago’s Kenwood neighborhood. (Tribune photo by Milbert O. Brown / March 6, 2008)

Nice lot and house, huh.

No wonder Obama trusted Rezko…they were both kindred Crooks/Thieves/Liars from the same corrupt world of Chicago’s infamous “Chicago Democratic Machine”. Obama promises to bring “change” to Washington whilst relying on his own corrupt roots, training and experience in the ways of Chicago’s politics to do it!?! Such “change” will only make Washington worse than it already is.

Obama and Antoin “Tony” Rezko first met back in 1990, i.e. like an eighteen year relationship.
Ties to Barack Obama

In 1990, after Obama was elected president of the Harvard Law Review, Rezmar Corp. offered him a job, which Obama turned down. Obama did end up taking a job with law firm Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland, which primarily worked civil rights cases, but also represented Rezmar and helped the company get more than $43 million in government funding and whose former senior partner, Allison S. Davis, later went into business with Rezko and, in 2003, was appointed to Illinois State Board of Investment by Governor Blagojevich at Rezko’s request. On July 31, 1995 the first ever political contributions to Obama were $300 from a lawyer, a $5,000 loan from a car dealer, and $2,000 from two food companies owned by Rezko. Starting in 2003, Rezko was one of the people on Obama’s U.S. Senate campaign finance committee, which raised more than $14 million. Rezko threw an early fundraiser for Obama, and that fundraiser was instrumental in providing Obama with seed money for his U.S. Senate race. Obama has since identified over $250,000 in campaign contributions to various Obama campaigns as coming from Rezko or close associates, and has in consequence donated almost two thirds of that amount to charity.

Obama — after getting caught, of course — has changed his statements on the campaign contributions about three times, i.e. at first it was $50,000 and then it was $150,000.

Also, in 2005 Obama purchased a new home in the Kenwood District of Chicago for $1.65 million ($300,000 below the original price) on the same day that Rezko’s wife, Rita Rezko, purchased the adjoining empty lot from the same sellers for the full asking price. Obama acknowledged bringing his interest in the property to Rezko’s attention, but denied any coordination of offers. According to Obama, while the properties had originally been a single property, the previous owners decided to sell the land as two separate lots, but made it a condition of the sales that they be closed on the same date.

The key for Obama being able to buy the house was the condition that the house and lot “be closed on the same date.” Obama has ‘CORRUPTION’ written all over him, but his supporters and the MSM don’t care. Simply put, he is “Black” and Democrat, and nothing else matters.

In June 2007, the Sun-Times published a story about letters Obama had written in 1997 to city and state officials in support of a low-income senior citizen development project headed by Rezko and partner Allison Davis. The project received more than $14 million in taxpayer funds, including $885,000 in development fees for Rezko and Davis. Of Obama’s letters in support of the Cottage View Terrace apartments development, Obama spokesman Bill Burton said, “This wasn’t done as a favor for anyone, it was done in the interests of the people in the community who have benefited from the project. I don’t know that anyone specifically asked him to write this letter nine years ago. There was a consensus in the community about the positive impact the project would make and Obama supported it because it was going to help people in his district.”

Obama has said of Rezko – “I’ve never done any favors for him.” Note: Obama wrote ‘LETTERS’ to city and state officials on Rezko’s behalf. No favors…sure, Obama, you lying swine!

In closing:

8 things you need to know about Obama and Rezko

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