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A Collage of Liberalism and Democrats’ ‘STUPIDITY’

Posted in Affirmative Action, Corruption, Liberalism, Obama, Politics, Prostitutes, Racism by Karmi on July 11, 2008

As the honorable Lieutenant General Russel L. Honoré might say:

Democrats…don’t get STUCK on STUPID!!

The entire Democratic Party seems to be “Stuck on Stupid” and/or “Stuck in Corruption”…IMHO.

County Commish’s Black Racist Tender Sensibilities Erupt in Texas

In Dallas County the loudmouth looking for a fight is Commissioner John Wiley Price who foolishly decided that the scientific term “black hole” was a racial epithet and verbally attacked another commissioner for using it.

.. During a special meeting about Dallas County traffic tickets the discussion turned to the central collections office that is tasked with processing ticket payments and other paperwork. This discussion prompted Commissioner Kenneth Mayfield, a white man, to say that central collections had become a “black hole” of paperwork as often times paperwork simply disappears there.

.. Commissioner John Wiley Price, who is black, interrupted him with a loud “Excuse me!” He then corrected his colleague, saying the office has become a “white hole.”

That prompted Judge Thomas Jones, who is black, to demand an apology from Mayfield for his racially insensitive analogy.

Unbelievable! Racism amongst African-Americans runs a lot deeper than just the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. The former victims of racism have now become the racists.

From Michelle Malkin“Twelve Democrat state leaders facing corruption charges in a massive scandal dubbed “Bonusgate.”” That leads to:

12 accused of running Pa. political machine

When you worked for former Rep. Mike Veon, the No. 2 Democrat in the state House, two things were certain, prosecutors said: You would work hard on political campaigns while on the government clock; and if you did a “rock star” job, you would get something extra in your paycheck.

All compliments of the taxpayers, of course.

.. The allegations strike at top party staffers in the House, and more charges are expected, say prosecutors. Court documents suggested that hundreds of Democratic staffers might have been involved in illegal work.

The 12 are charged, in varying degrees, with theft and conflict of interest for running a massive political campaign machine out of government offices from Beaver County, where Veon lived, to the state Capitol.

The conspiracy within the House Democratic caucus, prosecutors say, was widespread. It ranged from handing out taxpayer-funded bonuses for campaign work to using state computers and telephones for political and personal purposes.

Nancy Pelosi never can get the facts right. The fact is, that the Democratic Party, and their supporters, are the real – “Culture of Corruption.” from top to bottom.

Here’s another recent example of a corrupt and deceptive Democratic leader:
Rangel’s rent-control mansion

Getting an apartment in New York City can be an expensive affair — unless the renter is a Congressman, apparently. Charles Rangel (D-NY) has four rent-controlled apartments in one building in Harlem, even though rent control should only apply to a primary residence. Rangel uses one of the rent-controlled apartments as a campaign office, which calls into question whether he has broken gift-acceptance and electoral regulations:

“While aggressive evictions are reducing the number of rent-stabilized apartments in New York, Representative Charles B. Rangel is enjoying four of them, including three adjacent units on the 16th floor overlooking Upper Manhattan in a building owned by one of New York’s premier real estate developers.

Mr. Rangel, the powerful Democrat who is chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, uses his fourth apartment, six floors below, as a campaign office, despite state and city regulations that require rent-stabilized apartments to be used as a primary residence.
Mr. Rangel, who has a net worth of $566,000 to $1.2 million, according to Congressional disclosure records, paid a total rent of $3,894 monthly in 2007 for the four apartments at Lenox Terrace, a 1,700-unit luxury development of six towers, with doormen, that is described in real estate publications as Harlem’s most prestigious address.

The current market-rate rent for similar apartments in Mr. Rangel’s building would total $7,465 to $8,125 a month, according to the Web site of the owner, the Olnick Organization.”

The FEC should investigate this arrangement for Rangel, and so should the state and city of New York. The House Ethics Committee also has a responsibility here, but no one expects them to act. Nancy Pelosi only talked about ethics long enough to get a majority, and she’s certainly not going to allow another member of the Congressional Black Caucus to get investigated, not after they closed ranks so effectively around William “Dollar Bill” Jefferson.

Yes, corrupt from top to bottom, and that includes Barack “Che” Obama – the Democratic Party’s Presidential candidate. Obama is the perfect example of a Democrat being “Stuck on Stupid” and “Stuck in Corruption,” i.e. in regards to Tony Rezko and Obama’s poor record of judgment:

Obama Regrets Poor Judgment after Judgment

Barack Obama says that he got “carried away in the moment” for allowing Access Hollywood reporter Maria Menounos to interview his young daughters (ages 10 and 7) on television. The program is usually known for reports on Hollywood sleaze, adulterer celebrities, and other decadence rather than presidential candidates. He now says that he had poor judgment with his children and regrets the decision.

.. It seems to me the real campaign issue is that Obama is suddenly admitting to a lot of poor judgments.

Luke Boggs has done a good job of chronicling several of Obama’s recent regrets over at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. He makes the interesting point that there over 1,000,000 search engine results for “Obama regrets.”

We all know the big ones.

Obama first expressed regret for Jeremiah Wright’s controversial comments, and then expressed regrets for his 20-year affiliation with the church.

Earlier in the campaign Obama regretted calling rural Americans “bitter” for “clinging to guns and religion.” Those controversial comments came in progressive San Francisco when Obama thought he was out of the camera’s eye.

At the same time, Obama said that he regretted intervening to save Teri Schiavo, the brain-dead woman in Florida who captured the public attention in 2005.

Still earlier he regretted saying that the lives of American military were “wasted” away in Iraq.

The biggest regret is that Obama was closely tied to Tony Rezko, the felon who was convicted for money laundering, political bribery, and organized crime in Chicago. Obama later “regretted” his association when it was discovered. He had purchased property in a below-market loan on the same day Rezko purchased the vacant lot next door. Neighbors report that Obama fenced in both properties when he had only purchased one, the details of which are still entangling.

The many Obama regrets are giving voters reason to pause. He has made judgment the cornerstone of his campaign rather than experience for obvious reasons.

This was just the short version of a Collage of the Democrats’ – ‘STUPIDITY’ – ‘CORRUPTION’ – ‘RACIST Behavior’…

Swåmp Hermî†


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  1. […] bmerry7 wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptThe biggest regret is that Obama was closely tied to Tony Rezko, the felon who was convicted for money laundering, political bribery, and organized crime in Chicago. Obama later “regretted” his association when it was discovered. … […]

  2. maggie said, on July 20, 2008 at 10:44 am

    His regrets follow the money.

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