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Another HATEFUL and BIGOTED attack by the Democrats!!!

Posted in Liberalism, Obama, Politics, Racism by Karmi on July 14, 2008

Using Michelle and Barack Obama as an ‘excuse’ to launch another hate filled bigoted attack against Conservatives, the Democratic Party supporting, New Yorker has the following picture on their magazine’s cover:

No surprise there, the Democrats are always so busy ‘pointing-the-finger-of-guilt’ at Conservatives, that they don’t see their own natural bigotry and hatred.

The New Yorker claims that it is a “satire”; however, that’s just their ‘excuse’ for suggesting that the picture reveals how Conservatives view Michelle and Barack. The Democratic Party never vetted Obama, and no one knew much about him. Now we know that he has Muslims on his staff, has a convicted and corrupt friend – Tony Rezko, has at least one terrorist as a friend – Bill Ayers, had the racist Rev. Wright as a friend and mentor for 20-years, etc.

This sickening picture reflects the hatred, racism, and bigotry that exist throughout the entire Democratic Party. Open your search engine to “images”, and type in either bush or condi. These kinds of hateful and racist attacks have gone on for 8-years against ‘W’ and/or members of his administration!

UPDATE: Looks like this story is going to be around for awhile…especially in the blogosphere. A commenter on one of the Power Line forums sum it up nicely:

A picture is worth a thousand denials. How quaint that the left tarred the Messiah with a brush full of pitch meant for the right.

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