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Leah D. Daughtry and Black Liberation Theology

Leah Daughtry, Democratic Convention CEO and Ordained Minister, Goes After ‘Values Voters’

From his Brooklyn church, Herbert Daughtry immersed his family in the civil rights struggle. Responding to police violence, he helped start the National Black United Front, bringing together parties as varied as the Black Panthers and the Urban League. He espoused black liberation theology, presenting the Gospel as deliverance for the oppressed. It’s the same belief system held by Obama’s controversial former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Well, Well, Well…what have we here? Has the Democratic Party become the haven of Black Liberation Theologists or the Party of Black Liberation Theology?!

As for those worried that Democrats are acting like Republicans when it comes to religion, Daughtry said: “The difference between us and the Republicans is, one, we don’t claim a monopoly on God. We don’t try to be dogmatic about this or make it a litmus test. For us, values come from different places.”

Reverend Leah D. Daughtry…a few questions, if you don’t mind. What do you think about the Black Liberation Theology? I noticed that you have said that you were a “Pentecostal.” In what ways are Pentecostal and the Black Liberation Theology compatible and/or related? Last question – What is your stance on REPARATIONS and/or the Reparations Project?

Behind her as she preached… today Leah was delivering the sermon… Below the sanctuary, in the fellowship hall, a banner for slavery reparations proclaimed, “They Owe Us.”

(Hat Tip: Conservative punk)

Can Leah Daughtry Bring Faith to the Party?

House of the Lord Church in Brooklyn… sizable sanctuary of the church, which is headed by her father, Herbert Daughtry.

…Below the sanctuary, in the fellowship hall, a banner for slavery reparations proclaimed, “They Owe Us.” Herbert Daughtry’s… ministry has always combined consuming spirituality with black liberation theology — the theology Jeremiah Wright invoked this spring to defend his controversial sermons — and zealous political activism. Leah holds these forces within her.

…Leah, who was raised according to a strict religious code that forbid females to wear pants, lipstick or makeup, took part in the protests at the age of 13. Her eyes brightened when she recalled those demonstrations and the assorted groups that joined together to give them strength, just as her voice took on extra passion when she discussed black liberation theology and the writing of James Cone.

It was this writing that Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s longtime pastor, cited to support the sermons that led Obama to cut ties with Wright in April. But she didn’t put any distance between herself and Cone’s book “A Black Theology of Liberation,” which she suggested I read and which relies on the words of Malcolm X to make its religious arguments.

I’m not going to detail what Black Liberation Theology is, in this post, but I am researching it here – Black Liberation Theology – Black Hatred & Black Racists. Anyone who has seen the Rev. Wright preaching or speaking can get a good idea of what it is about. As you can see by Leah’s own words, the doctrine relies heavily on the words of Malcolm X.

Democratic National Committee Announces Leah Daughtry as CEO for Denver 2008 Convention

Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean announced his appointment of Leah D. Daughtry to serve as Chief Executive Officer of the 2008 Democratic National Convention Committee (DNCC). Daughtry is currently the Chief of Staff at the DNC, responsible for managing day-to-day strategy and operations of the national party.

The Black Liberation Theology doctrine and its Black Liberation Theologists have certainly gained power in the Democratic Party. Senator Obama spent twenty-years involved in it, and has recently tried to distance himself from it; however, it is obviously a part of the Democratic Party’s agenda.

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  1. Joan said, on August 14, 2008 at 4:43 pm

    An absolute conflict of interest, a pure division of party, in fact an end of the Dimocratic party, for the sake of electing a black president. Pure disregard for the voters of our great nation. A complete sell out of our vote and a takeover of the party. Thank you donna brazile and Karl Rove. Thank you Jeremiah Wright and Leah Daughtry, but no thanks. Go back to your domain and stay out of politics. Daughtry shame on you. Just how are you going to seat the Hillary Clinton Super Delegates to intimidate them? Remember Obama has not been voted the nominee but instead is the presumptive nominee because of the out and out cheating by your group. Are you Leah Daughtry, going to insist that Hillary Clinton be placed in nomination and a TRUE AND HONEST ROLL CALL VOTE BE TAKEN WITH NO PRESSURE EXERTED TO VOTE FOR BARRY ? If you cannot, then you have no place in leading the DNC. You all are supposed to represent justice and fairness. Just because you can call me racist for mentioning black and my skin is white, I am not stupid. Just because you thinke we owe you, does not give you the right to make us pay by cheating. I never did anything to hurt a black person, I do not believe in prejudice, but obviously you do, so how dare you represent me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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