Democratic Party’s ‘Trojan Horse’ – Barack “Uncle Tom” Obama

Back during the late 60’s and early 70’s, the Black Panther Party wasn’t just about “Self-Defense” and confrontation, it was also about destroying “White AmeriKKKa” and Capitalism. The phrase “Uncle Tom” or “Tomming” usually implies disapproval or contempt of a black person by another black person; however, it was also used by the Black Panthers as a way to “fool the pigs.” Example: circa 1971, in Miami, there was a flyer being passed out by the Black Panthers in the black communities, which taught prospective recruits how to avoid police scrutiny by pretending to be an “Uncle Tom.” Black hatred for “White AmeriKKKa” was so prevalent back then, that many African-Americans had to pretend to be polite. Not much has changed since the 1960’s, as we saw at Obama’s racist TUCC, where the racist doctrine of Black Liberation Theology was and still is taught.

The Democratic Party has now ‘crippled’ America enough, that they now feel that the time is right to install a Trojan HorseA subversive group or device placed within enemy ranks – into the White House. Americans still have a little time left to stop this Leftist/Fascist/Communist attempt at destroying America, but not much time, as this recent economic crisis points out.

Burning Down The House: What Caused Our Economic Crisis?

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Obama calls Hockey Moms – “PIGS!”

Obama calls Hockey Moms – “PIGS!”

Obama Smears Hockey Moms

Does Barack Obama call his wife and daughters – “PIGS”?!? What is he trying to do? Win back the women voters that he has already started to lose?! Barack – Dude – I don’t think this approach is going to work. Looking at the video, you look like a dumb kid about to make a big mistake, and knowing it in advance. You were already mumbling and bumbling through your speech, then the ‘un uh’ stuff starts up, followed by the raising of your hand to your forehead – sorta in a rubbing, peeking and/or hiding childlike fashion…so to speak.

Obama has a long history of making sexist and misogynistic remarks…

Obama calls Palin a ‘pig’New low for sexism-plagued Illinois senator as he appropriates Palin’s ‘lipstick’ remark to attack her with repulsive, misogynistic comment:
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Racist Whoopi Goldberg is Spewing her *HATRED*…Again!

This time she is attacking Sarah Palin…naturally. Filled with the hatred that a “White” woman could gain such popularity so quickly, the racist Whoopi launched her attack from the Wow-O-Wow blog…without an editor looking over her shoulders. Tim Graham of NewsBusters caught one of her mistakes in his article – Whoopi Goldberg: Palin Sounds Pro-Nazi, Wants to ‘Succeed’ From U.S. – before Whoopi’s editor/s went over her post:

“I also thought that this idea of America first coming from her was kind of strange because she was one of the people who wanted to succeed from the United States. She was part of a campaign to succeed Alaska from the United States of America.”

The mistake has since been fixed…after Tim Graham asked: “Where’s the editor to say “Sorry, dear, don’t you mean ‘secede’?”

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Swamp Hermit Joins Puma PAC!

I sold it on Ebay

This morning it is perfectly clear that the DONC has been undone, outmaneuvered, and straight-up outclassed by the Republicans. How does a Palin bear hug feel Nancy? Beside the baby-toting, gun-wielding, big-grinning dynamo from the Wild Wild North, Nancy you look sort of, I don’t know — wan?
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Democratic Party – the “Party of HATE” – and their MSM puppets

P.D.S. alert: Us magazine’s partisan hit job

The next time you’re waiting at the grocery stands and tempted to buy Us magazine, stop and think again. Unless you’re buying it for oppo research, you may not want to put money in the pockets of rabid partisans who have turned their gossip rag into a propaganda arm for the Democrat Party.

Michelle Malkin is all over this important P.D.S. story, and consistently beats me to the punch. I found the pics – left and right – at Drudge, who has also finally joined this story.

Barack and Michelle Obama are portrayed as the ‘perfect’ American couple and Sarah Palin gets portrayed as a ‘moronic lying “Trailer Trash” slut’. It’s not only US Weekly carrying out these attacks against Sarah Palin and her daughter Bristol Palin, it’s the entire Democratic Party’s MSM, e.g. NYT, CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, PBS, MSNBC, Associated Press, Reuters, etcetera etcetera etcetera! Check out the Lefty blogosphere and the Afrosphere…sheer HATRED explodes from their web pages!

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“America’s Future: Sarah Palin”

I found the following video after reading – Palin: The American Awakening at the Ace of Spades blog.

Palin seems to stir this sense of American exceptionalism that for too long has been squelched by the radical Liberal agenda. We have been constantly told by educators, by the media, by politicians that we are a bad country in need of much deserved rebuke. Palin on the other hand casts such dispersions aside and stirs feelings deep inside all of us that we Americans should be proud and confident. We have the unparalleled ability to solve any challenge placed before us. Palin has awaked this long slumbering American spirit.

The video says it best:

America’s Future: Sarah Palin

I was hoping for Governor Palin to be chosen but did not believe it would happen. I’m only in my twenties but I think I now have an idea what it was like when Reagan first came on to the national stage. I made this video in tribute to Sarah.

Swåmp Hermî†

P.D.S. – “Palin Derangement Syndrome”

Michelle Malkin is amazing! She is “a mother, wife, blogger, conservative syndicated columnist, author, and Fox News Channel contributor.” In her ‘spare time’, Michelle must also be a Doctor or a Psychiatrist or some kind of Research Scientist for the CDC, because she was the first to discover the new disease P.D.S. – “Palin Derangement Syndrome.” Apparently, Michelle then had David Lunde create a warning sign – see above left – to alert the American public to this new disease. Thanks Michelle!

We have all witnessed – for eight years – the HATRED that B.D.S. (“Bush Derangement Syndrome”) caused amongst the Democratic Party, their Supporters, and their Mainstream Media. Democrats and Liberals were consumed and blinded by their pure HATRED of President Bush “43”.

On Friday, Aug 29, 2008, John McCain selected Sarah Palin as his VP running mate, and within 24 hours after that selection, 95% of the Liberal Blogosphere and Afrosphere had caught a new disease – P.D.S.…whilst still under the influence of B.D.S.!?! The speed in which P.D.S. had spread even surpassed the speed that B.D.S. had spread eight years ago!

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