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P.D.S. – “Palin Derangement Syndrome”

Posted in Afrosphere, Black Liberation Theology, Election, Liberalism, Obama, Racism by Karmi on September 1, 2008

Michelle Malkin is amazing! She is “a mother, wife, blogger, conservative syndicated columnist, author, and Fox News Channel contributor.” In her ‘spare time’, Michelle must also be a Doctor or a Psychiatrist or some kind of Research Scientist for the CDC, because she was the first to discover the new disease P.D.S. – “Palin Derangement Syndrome.” Apparently, Michelle then had David Lunde create a warning sign – see above left – to alert the American public to this new disease. Thanks Michelle!

We have all witnessed – for eight years – the HATRED that B.D.S. (“Bush Derangement Syndrome”) caused amongst the Democratic Party, their Supporters, and their Mainstream Media. Democrats and Liberals were consumed and blinded by their pure HATRED of President Bush “43”.

On Friday, Aug 29, 2008, John McCain selected Sarah Palin as his VP running mate, and within 24 hours after that selection, 95% of the Liberal Blogosphere and Afrosphere had caught a new disease – P.D.S.…whilst still under the influence of B.D.S.!?! The speed in which P.D.S. had spread even surpassed the speed that B.D.S. had spread eight years ago!

HATRED and the Democratic Party

How can such pure HATRED spread so fast, and literally consume so many people? Well, the answer is really quite simple, i.e. divisiveness is what the Democratic Party is about. The Democratic Party has been using HATRED as their main divisive ‘Tool’ for decades now, and the results of that has been clear for a long, long time.

Look at some of the Democratic Party’s main ‘Talking Points’, starting with their agenda of directing and promoting HATRED towards the – “EVIL Rich.” It’s a fascist tactic, of attacking a portion of a society in an attempt to destroy them. Substitute the word “Jew” for “EVIL Rich”, and you end up with the Nazi Party of Nazi Germany.

Another often used ‘Talking Point’ of the Democratic Party is the word – “Poor”, which is used to stir up support amongst African-Americans against “White America” and/or the Republican Party. This fascist tactic backfired on the Democratic Party this year, as witnessed in their primaries and at their convention this year. The Democratic Party has turned a majority of African-Americans into racists.

Take the Afrosphere for another example of the results caused by the Democratic Party’s dogma of divisiveness over the past decades. Most black Americans now think of themselves as Africans first – i.e. African-Americans – and Americans last. The blogosphere is ‘color-blind’, but many black bloggers thought that is was “too White” for them, and so they split off into a separate blogosphere for African-Americans. The Democratic Party has turned a majority of African-Americans into racists.

The Democratic Party’s presidential candidate – Barack Obama – attended the racist TUCC for almost 20 years, where the Rev. Wright preached the Black Liberation Theology doctrine of HATRED against white Americans and “White America.”

The Democratic Party quickly saw that Sarah Palin was instantly popular, and was actually more qualified to be POTUS than Barack Obama. They had known that John McCain would probably serve just one-term as POTUS, and then step down; however, never in their wildest dreams did they imagine that John McCain could find such a qualified and popular VP running mate as Sarah Palin. The Democrats were momentarily stunned at Sarah Palin’s incredible Curriculum Vitae and at her instant popularity; however, it didn’t take the Democrats long before realizing that the Republican Party could end up holding the Office of POTUS for the next 12-16 years. The Democrats HATRED then consumed them, creating the new disease P.D.S. almost instantly, and they blindly started attacking Sarah Palin…and, even her Children.

The Democratic Party is the “Party of HATRED”!!!

Swåmp Hermî†


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  1. Villager said, on September 2, 2008 at 9:42 am

    My first time visiting your blog. What humor! Have you noticed that Sarah Palin is not giving out any interviews yet? I guess she is trying to find out all she can about the home mortgage crisis, world geo-politics and such. She is obviously “Dan Quayle” stature as a VP candidate … that was my initial reaction. Now, I think she is more “Tom Eagleton”. Will she last 17 days?

    peace, Villager

  2. Karmi said, on September 2, 2008 at 10:30 am


    Interviews?!? How about:
    1) Its Tuesday and she was picked last Friday, i.e. 4 day ago.
    2) Labor Day weekend.
    3) Hurricane Gustav.

    Dan Quayle?!? Yes, the left destroyed Dan, but Sara is not him. Did you catch her first speech? First Impressions are important, and Sara nailed it. Remember Michelle Obama’s first few speeches? They literally oozed with hatred and anti-Americanism. She tried to lie her way out, even tried to change her “image,” but hatred comes natural for her…it’s even in her eyes. Barack is more like Dan than Sara. Have you ever heard Barack without a teleprompter? Half of what he says without one is “un” – “uh” – “ah”…Barack makes Dan look like a genius.

    “17 days”?!? Still early, but it’s looking more like 17 years to me.

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