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Swamp Hermit Joins Puma PAC!

Posted in Black Liberation Theology, Election, News, Obama, Palin, Politics, Racism by Karmi on September 4, 2008

I sold it on Ebay

This morning it is perfectly clear that the DONC has been undone, outmaneuvered, and straight-up outclassed by the Republicans. How does a Palin bear hug feel Nancy? Beside the baby-toting, gun-wielding, big-grinning dynamo from the Wild Wild North, Nancy you look sort of, I don’t know — wan?

The DONC has also been outed — outed as sexist wimps who are too weak to face down bullies. NOT ONCE did a leader of the DONC call out Chris Matthews or Keith Olbermann for their sexist attacks on Hillary. NOT once did the DONC stand up to Kos or Rhoades or the other Blogger Boiz — the keepers of the swamps from which the most abhorrent language and imagery was used to silence, humiliate, and intimidate Hillary supporters (tampon teaparty Anyone?).

This is called reframing the debate, Folks, and the Republicans have done it again. They have successfully painted the DONC as the political haven for sexists, hypocrites, weaklings, and elitists.

I’ve been following Puma PAC for some time now, and after reading the “I sold it on Ebay” post this morning, I decided to join them. I don’t agree with most of Puma PAC’s positions; however, we are ‘Kindred Spirits’ when it comes to Obama and the DNC…OOOPS! Make that the DONC since the former DNC caved in to the Obama ‘sexists, hypocrites, weaklings, and elitists’ who took control.

I’ll add Black RACISTS to that list also, since the Black Liberation Theologists like Reverend Leah D. Daughtry now run DONC. Black Liberation Theologists preach the racist Black Liberation Theology to followers and church members. Same racist doctrine that – Black Liberation Theologist – Reverend Jeremiah Wright taught, and same racist doctrine that Barack and Michelle Obama followed for about 20 years.

Geraldine Ferraro tried to stand up to these Black RACISTS, and we all saw what happened to her. She knew what would happen, but was bold enough to point out the TRUTH anyway…my ‘Hat’ tips to her.

Puma PAC also offers lots of input, info, etc. at their website, and I am proud to be a new member!

Swåmp Hermî†


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