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Sarah Palin clearly wins the VP Debates

Posted in Election, Obama, Palin by Karmi on October 3, 2008

Sarah Palin ‘MOPS-the-Floor’ with Joe “The Mop” Biden!

OK…I was a little worried about how Sarah Palin would do in the VP Debate; however, that worrying quickly ended as Gov. Palin proved – early on – that she is more qualified than either Barack Obama or Joe “The Mop” Biden.

After going thru five weeks of biased and radical scrutiny by the Democratic Party – AND their MSM – Sarah Palin proved that she is both capable and tough. Her performance last night was remarkable!

As expected, Gwen Ifill showed why she should not have been the moderator of the VP debate, i.e. by ‘cutting-off’ or ‘moving-on’ at least six times after she had allowed Biden to get the “last word in.” Sarah ignored the tactics…moved on, and did not allow it to distract her.

Biden was left looking like the ‘Washington Establishment’ that he represents:


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