BLACK Racism in America

Racism : racial prejudice or discrimination

Prejudice : an irrational attitude of hostility directed against an individual, a group, a race, or their supposed characteristics

Most black Americans have been taught – since birth – to hate white Americans, “U.S. of KKKA”, “rich white people”, “White Folks”, etc.

Another example: In 1969 – in Miami, Florida – I witnessed a black man encouraging his young son to point a toy rifle at a police car driving by…the young boy raised the toy rifle and pointed it at the police car, and then the black man looked up and smiled at the police officer. I had long ago forgotten about that incidence of black hatred towards whites, until the Reverend Jeremiah Wright – Obama’s Pastor for twenty years – showed up last year. This black hatred for whites is even being taught in the black churches!

Most black Americans hate the “U.S. of KKKA” so much, that they place Africa over America first, as in African-American. The blogosphere was even “too white” for black bloggers, so they formed the Afrosphere/Afrospear. In case these black racists didn’t know it, the blogosphere is color-blind! Well, at least it was until the black racists segregated it…

How racist are these black bloggers? Here are some examples:

  • Blackosphere & Whitosphere – “The Black blogger somewhat angrily disagrees with my assertion that more Black and white interaction in the blogosphere is necessary and desirable…” (Note the capitalization of the word “Black” over and against the word “white.” Dig this new word – “blogger apartheid”?!?)
  • Field Negro – This site is probably the best example of what black racism is about. It shows that black hatred extends far beyond ‘Standard’ or ‘Normal’ racism, and that such hatred also includes hating other black Americans. Example:


    The Field Negro blog (AfroBlog?!) runs a daily “HOUSE NEGRO OF THE DAY” ‘Award’, along with a “FIELD NEGRO OF THE DAY” ‘Award’.

  • The Angry Black Woman – “Why are black people so angry all the time? Probably some dumb shit you did…” (The “you” would naturally be a white person. All the problems of black people is caused by white people, i.e. black people never cause their own problems.) “The fact that minorities, poor people, immigrants (both illegal and legal), and other marginalized parties are still treated like the gum on the shoe of the white, male power structure in this country and yet we’re all told that things are getting better.
  • Jack & Jill Politics – I frequent this blog, as an observer and commenter. Jack Turner – one of the founders – allows me to post there, so I won’t be too harsh on them. They are fervent Obama supporters, who ignore Obama’s twenty-year membership in a racist group, and do a lot of blaming whites for black problems. One can learn a lot about black hatred on that blog…

There are also a few – probably 5% – black bloggers who look beyond attributing hatred and racism to just whites and/or “White AmeriKKKa.” Of those, the baldilocks blog is my favorite. In fact, it is because of bloggers like ‘Baldilocks’ that I am always hesitant to bring up or post on the subject of black racism and/or black hatred.

The incidences of black racism and hatred are too numerous to list in this one post, so I will be starting another topic under The Pages section of this blog (see far right), entitled – Black Racism. When MSM mentions “racism” it is always in regards to or directed towards whites and/or ‘White America’, even though the examples of black racism are abundant.

The time has arrived for getting rid of the:

The time has arrived to stop black racists like Bobby Rush from pulling the RACECARD every time that they want to attack whites. Bobby Rush ignores his own history of racism directed towards whites, and he also ignores Obama’s twenty-year history of being a member of a racist group – TUCC.

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20 thoughts on “BLACK Racism in America

  1. Looks like you called the Ravens/Titans game correctly…Ravens are tough this year.

    Ditto on the peace,

    American blogger…

  2. You begin with a bogus definition of prejudice. Is it irrational? Is the hostility justified? Is prejudice based on characteristics or differences in values? I argue that racism and prejudice are logical excuses to continue what has been done for years with no accountability. I argue the hostility has been taught by prior generations and it is expected in some households. I argue it’s not about characteristics, but instead a difference in values. Not enforcing the law makes people take the law into their own hands on both sides of the issue. Witness Oakland, Rodney King, and Diallo. We can forgive, but we can never forget because it’s shoved back in our face on a daily basis. Race matters and it’s not irrational. Until the values change we will have justified hostility. It’s better to use words than bullets. Poor Law enforcement doesn’t believe in talking. Who’s values need adjusting?

  3. Cecil,

    The link works and the definition is very accurate. Your points here actually prove my points, i.e. you argue that black hate and racism are – “logical excuses.” Your points are similar to James Cone’s claims that “black hatred is not racism.”

    Hate is Hate…Racism is Racism. You and Cone think that blacks can be excused for their hatred…I don’t excuse any hate or racism.

    You should read my posts on slavery and Arab-Islam slavery. “The first record of African slavery in Colonial America occurred in 1619.” Do you know what a Colony is? The American Revolutionary War was fought to gain FREEDOM from the British…it lasted about eight years, 1775–1783. Importation of slaves to the newly formed United States of America “officially ended in 1808.” The American Civil War (1861–1865) – was fought to end slavery…it resulted in “about 1,030,000 casualties, including about 620,000 soldier deaths.

    Slavery in the USA lasted 82-89 years, and the Thirteenth Amendment to the U. S. Constitution officially ended slavery in 1865. It took two wars to gain that freedom.

    In summation – The former victims of racism have now become the racists…

  4. Karmi, the U.S. Civil War was not fought to end slavery.

    The fact is that the war broke out for other reasons, and the Union didn’t even decide that it would seek to end slavery until fairly late in the war. This was also long after most Union soldiers enlisted–or were conscripted–so few, if any, of those soldiers chose to fight, even in part, to end slavery.

    You also mention that the importation of slaves into the “newly formed” United States officially ended in 1808. This is right (although the U.S. had existed, in its present form, for a full generation by then), but the U.S. did relatively little to enforce that prohibition. The government often looked the other way quite openly, and as a result tremendous numbers of slaves were openly imported into the American South, particularly in the 1840s and 1850s.

    Slavery in the American colonies, which later reorganized as the United States, lasted for about 250 years, while the descendants of those slaves have had equal rights, at least under the law, for only about 40 years.

  5. The Civil War was fought over slavery – “The coexistence of a slave-owning South with an increasingly anti-slavery North made conflict likely.

    Far more slaves were sent to the Middle East (Muslim countries) than were sent to the West, and/or across the Atlantic Ocean. The first Europeans to use African slaves in the New World were the Spaniards. Most slaves went to Brazil – “the main importer of slaves.

    Europeans usually bought slaves who were captured in tribal wars between African kingdoms and chiefdoms, or from Africans who had made a business out of capturing other Africans and selling them.

    Slavery in the USA lasted 82-89 years…simple as that.

  6. I agree, Karmi, that the existence of slavery in the South made a civil war more likely. But that doesn’t mean that the war was “fought to end slavery.” In fact, as I’m sure you realize, Lincoln and the rest of the North had no intention whatsoever of launching a war to end slavery. In fact, they were eager to avoid a civil war and to maintain the status quo.

    It’s also not true that “far more slaves” were transported to the Middle East than in the transatlantic slave trade. The latter trade transported roughly 12.5 million enslaved Africans over four centuries, while estimates for the former range from below to above 12.5 million, over a much longer period of time.

    As for the use of slaves in the New World, most slaves did not go to Brazil. The most common destination was the Caribbean, followed by Brazil and then the North American mainland (the American colonies and, later, the U.S.).

    I’m not sure what your final quotation is mean to say. All slaves in the transatlantic slave trade were purchased from Africans; Europeans did not enslave any Africans during this period, as far as we know.

    Finally, slavery in the U.S. lasted 76 years, if you don’t want to count the period before the founding of the U.S.

    Perhaps it would suit you better to say that American slavery lasted for about 250 years?

  7. James,

    Not sure where you are getting your info from, but most of it is wrong. Anyway…

    History of the Arab-Islam Slave TradeThe Arab slave trade from East Africa is one of the oldest slave trades, predating the European transatlantic slave trade by hundreds of years.

    Arab-Islam Slave TradeWhile slavery only lasted 3 centuries in the west, it has lasted 14 centuries in the Middle East and exists today in many Muslim countries. Same link – Estimated 200mil black Africans have died in the last 14 centuries as a result of Arab/Islam tans Sahara’s slaves trade which still exists in many parts of the Muslim world today.

    Also, check out the DR. JOHN HENRICK CLARKE videos.

  8. Karmi, I stand by the facts I’ve offered. Please feel free to let me know what fact(s) you believe might be wrong.

    You mention that the Arab slave trade is much older than the transatlantic slave trade. That’s certainly true, and that’s why I mentioned that it lasted for a much longer period of time. It involved transporting roughly the same number of slaves, but far fewer per year, over many more centuries.

    You also mention–and this is the only thing you say which contradicts what I wrote–an estimate that 200 million Africans died in the trans-Saharan slave trade. In support of this, you cite … yourself, apparently quoting from a YouTube video.

    Estimates for the trans-Saharan slave trade vary, but none come anywhere close to this figure. For instance, Ronald Segal, in Islam’s Black Slaves, offers a range of 11.5 million to 14 million over 14 centuries. I fail to see how a figure of 200 million dead from the trade could possibly result.

  9. Hi James,

    I’m watching the NFL playoffs today, so am trying to squeeze in my replies here. ;-)

    Anyway, the “200 million” seemed high to me also, and apparently that video doesn’t work anymore. DR. JOHN HENRICK CLARKE claims that the Arabs sent “30 – 40 MILLION AFRICAN SLAVES” eastward…he didn’t say how many the Persians took and sent.

    Point is, the world has decided that the USA is to be blamed for the history of slavery, and that is simply not true. The USA has been a minor player in the history of slavery.

    Segal’s claim of 11.5mil – 14mil over 14 centuries is ridiculous…we’re talking about Muslims here, Muslims who castrated their male slaves and who were not interested in them reproducing, i.e. the Muslims would just capture or buy more. Heck, Muslims still deal in slaves…

  10. We are all people….forget about the color please. Color dosn’t matter.When will this racism end? A “black” person is human. A “white” person is human….both the same.
    I’m tired of seeing forums and articles about this…It sickens me. Forget about skin color!

  11. Forget about skin color!” Tell that to the Democrat Party, i.e. they are totally about Identity Politics and promoting hatred. Racism and hatred of whites is promoted and pushed in black churches, e.g. Obama’s TUCC. Best that I can tell, some 90-95% of black Americans are racists, and their whole life revolves around hating whites.

  12. I totally agree with Zed.

    I am from a small town in the Mid-West. I am white and I have had many black friends over the years. I NEVER thought of them as “black”. I just thought of them as my friends. They just had a better tan than me :) I love all Gods children. And pray for those who teach and preach hate in any form. Growing up, I rarely ran into white racism. Nor did I encounter blacks that felt they were unfairly judged because of their skin color or blacks that were racist.

    Then I moved to Memphis, Tennessee. What a culture shock. If any of you have seen the movie Sweet Home Alabama, here is the quote that identifies Memphis…”You need a passport to get in down here”. The first form of racism I encountered is that I am considered a Yankee. And a lot of Southerners in this area, hate anyone that is not from the South. And what is funny about that is that I am only a second generation American on one side of my family and a third generation American on the other side of the family. In saying this, I am not a Yankee in the Southern, Memphis sense as my family was not in America during the Civil War, which is well and alive here. Secondly, neither country that my heritage is from imported/exported slaves, so reparations is not something I should feel obligated to as my family had no part in it. But I digress. I would say that a good majority of the black population in Memphis (the city is over 60% black) judge white people one way or another according to their skin color. How ironic. And it is just as hateful as I have been treated by whites for being from the “North”, hate to tell them but I’m from the Midwest. To be honest with you, it is so bad here that I don’t usually tell people where I’m from for the fear of their reaction. It is terrible here. Most people who have had the unfortunate situation having to move here all feel the same…they can’t wait to move away. EVERYTHING within the government here is voted on down racial lines. We have 2 sets of government, county and city. This is because the majority of people living in the city are black and want things run by blacks and the other way around in the county. I tell you as a God fearing person, it is very difficult not to become predudice in this environment. It is something I pray about almost daily. And what is another awful result of living here is when you need to vent to someone about it “back home” in the Midwest, they only know what they hear on the news and that is that the racist down here are only white. So there is only those who live here that are not from here that you can talk to.

    It’s time for the WORLD to stop judging. That includes one country judging another. ALL countries, all nationalities, all religions and most of all sexi have one time or another been enslaved. And what is worse is it is still going on. In Africa, the young women that are being sexually mutilated. The women in some extreme Muslim countries that are wearing burkas and treated like dirt. The young girls and boys in many third world countries that are being sold into the sex slave trade. The young children in China working in factories. The people in Africa being forced to work in the diamond mines. Muslims throughout the world after 9/11 who are not the radicals that are terrorizing the world. The Jews throughout history all over the world. The racial/religious divide between India and Pakistan (no matter where you reside). I could go on and on and on.

    People, don’t believe all of what you are hearing on t.v. or read in the newspapers and or internet. Experience it for yourself. Don’t judge people by what you’ve heard one way or another. As I experienced. I thought most Southern whites were racist because of what I had heard. But it is just a bad in the black community against whites and other nationalities. This is what I “have” experienced and it truly hurts my heart.

    Love one another Brothers and Sisters, what ever you are. The world will be a better place for it

  13. is atrocious too. It is run by a half white/half asian woman and a black woman. They mostly direct their energies at hating white women and writing about situations where they humiliated white women into understanding that women of color are more beautiful than them.

    The site is actually quite intellectual and many intelligent people post, which makes it even harder to dismiss. They are known for censoring comments. They never blame blacks or any non-whites for their own problems. It’s very ARROGANT stuff.

    I would add Stuff White People Like to the list.

  14. Most of the black civil leaders absolutely do NOT want other black people to be educated beyond what the liberal colleges are teaching them. They want them uneducated, angry, with a knee-jerk belief that the white man is screwing them over and holding them down. They want everyone to ignore the fact that the overwhelming majority of crimes committed against black people are by other black people.

    I remember black parents yelling that the schools were failing their children, but never did they make sure that their kids did their homework or work with them to make sure they did well in school or even attend school. If their kids were failing, it was ALWAYS the schools fault. The Asian kids were attacked and hassled by the black kids because they got good grades, but that was because their culture actually valued education and their parents made DAMN sure they didn’t slack off on their education. The same thing happened when some black parents who didn’t have a persecution complex and made sure their kids concentrated on their schooling. Those kids got beaten up as well. Most of those kids somehow found their way to Catholic Schools (where the tuition was less than most other private schools) where they would throw you out if you didn’t keep your grades up or copped an attitude.

    Unfortunately, if they got to college, they were educated by the primarily leftist, tenured professors who had been isolated from reality for decades in their ivory towers of academia, still acting like the Jim Crow laws were in effect and that “Separate, but Equal” was still the law. Affirmative action didn’t do ANYONE any favors. It just taught people the opposite of what Martin Luther King fought for; that ability, integrity and performance didn’t matter as much as race. Affirmative action might have had good intentions, but it backfired. About the only place I saw true equality, where a man was judged on his actions and ability was in the military. That was because how well a man had his shit together could determine if people lived or died. I’m not saying that there were no racists in the military because there were, but even most of them would grudgingly choose the best people for the job at hand no matter what race they were.

    I am not a racist, but I am tired of people expecting that I should be apologetic over the fact that I am white, male, Anglo-Saxon Protestant and that my ancestors kicked ass.

  15. I live in Alabama, and I will swear it, race is not that much of an issue. I don’t get the whole calling someone a yankee either becauese it doesn’t happen. Where I live, the whole population is baptist or methodist, with a few Catholics and hardly no Jews or Muslims whatsoever. My school has a 20% black population which is more than most in this part of the state. Where it is mostly all white is in the northern part of the state. Race is far from an issue. If it is atheism(I don’t have a problem with them) it is looked down upon. I see as their fathers and grandfathers teaching them what they Know.

  16. Interesting comments, especially Zed’s:

    “We are all people….forget about the color please. Color dosn’t matter.When will this racism end? A “black” person is human. A “white” person is human….both the same.
    I’m tired of seeing forums and articles about this…It sickens me. Forget about skin color!”

    I used to take this stance, as a Scotsman, moving south to London back in ’93 where I followed a very liberal conservative existance. However this existance changed over the years as I saw the massive prejudice from non whites to whites. Having grown up in Scotland there were no blacks when I was at school and very few Asians (Pakistani & Indians). I could never understand why there was prejudice, as we were all ‘God’s children’. Of course, I hadn’t been living in multicultural areas and that was the real problem.

    What’s interesting to note here is that people keep going on about colour when colour has absolutely diddly squat to do with defining race. I’ve met Italians far darker than African origin people. Race is defined by cranial definition, clearly different from Caucasian and Mongol.
    In my long education on man and people, especially of late the main agenda by the New World Order, all of this, ‘racism’ that is is all interconnected.
    For example, the first person to promote the word racism was Trotsky who called the Slavic people’s racist, because THEY WOULD NOT SUBMIT THEIR CULTURAL WAY TO COMMUNISM. Ergo, were we to use the correct definition of racism, it would mean one who prefers to live by their culture and traditional ways over another. However, this word, as with many have been hijacked by the socialists in order to promote their agenda – the rebuilding of the Tower of Babel. Ironically they fail to see that as they promote multicultural societies, they are in fact destroying cultures in the process as two cultures that mix (thesis and antithesis) inevitably produce another culture (synthesis) destroying each other in the process. Cultures don’t evolve, they die out. I wonder how the white liberals would feel were I to head to remote rainforest and give the indigenous, untouched tribes, clothes, sattelite TV’s and other advanced technologies. They wouldn’t be too happy would they?

    We are not from Africa as is constantly the diatribe being promoted. The following article should certainly perk up some ears as it clearly shows neanderthal man split into two distinct groups.

    Because the land masses started to split around 500 million years ago, it’s very possible that a species of man/pre man was stranded. This could be the African’s today, whose skull characteristics are far closer to the shapes of apes than caucasian and mongol skulls are.
    What if therefore blacks, whites and mongols are not the same species, that is homosapien? What if they are different stages of evolution? Of course, any attempt at trying to promote this theory would instantly be met with howls of racism, but then once you start tumbling down the rabbit hole do you understand why the theory, the Darwin theory that is, is promoted is because the agenda is to eventually create a one world people, under a one world government and banking system. Therefore today, as has been the case since Darwin, we constantly hear the ‘we’re all the same’ bullshit. We aren’t. Our differences make us unique and it is individuality that is the enemy of communism (read 1984) as part of the group collective is what’s promoted and taught in every school today. You cannot have a unified people in the world if they all want to be different can you? You can’t have a one world government if the Scots, the Irish, the French, the Nigerians, the Tibetans, the Samoans etc all want to be different and have their own nations and sovereignty can you?

    So here we are at the situation where the word racism is promoted as it is (one who loves their own culture and chooses to associate with his/her own people is therefore a hater of others??) in order to stop any attempt by whites to separate and live in their own lands under their own cultures. Sure the black man today has the whip hand, but the same will happen to their African cultures, once the African Union kicks into place. All cultures in this world, including the peoples, will merge into one, grey, obedient automaton, who will happily throw away their difference and culture in order to be peons for the super elites, that is, the very people who are promoting this agenda in the first place, using nothing but Orwellian doublespeak in order to implement it onto an incredibly dumbed down people, thanks to technology, TV, radio and Hollywood.

    To conclude, the word prejudice, the word where racism is merely a sub category has now been replaced with racism. Should anyone look at Craig Bodeker’s “A conversation about Race” they will see that people haven’t got a clue what the word means and wander off into laughable definitions. They have been completely indoctrinated by the authorities to stop and drop anything at the sound of racism. This is how strong this word now is in today’s society.

    The hatred of peoples or cultures is a perfectly natural thing. What is unnatural is people who attack those who choose to live their lives not wanting to cow down to peer pressure and mix/live/lick arses of those they don’t want to in order to be PC.
    I take people as they come, but if I have a business, then it’s entirely my prerogative whom to employ whether that be all white staff, all black staff, all males or all females. The state (or anyone) has no right whatsoever to jump in and dictate to me how I should run my business, but it does, especially here in the UK. It does so because we are living under Communism today. Don’t believe me? –

    It is my prerogative to like and associate whomever I so choose to and in this PC world today, people will frown, ignoring the utter madness of their own beliefs, that demands I must like people regardless and should I not then I am being irrational. Who’s being irrational here really is the big question, because the article starts off with prejudice being defined as an irrational attitude. Really? For example I don’t like hanging around with John because not only does he have bad breath, but he’s obnoxious. That is prejudice but justified. How about I don’t like to associate with non whites, because regardless how hard they try, they will not be of my culture, my people, my ancestry and never, ever will, ergo, should I associate with them and allow them and their family/culture to grow next to mine, inevitably there will be conflict as our cultures clash, mix, die and new one is formed in the process. This is far from irrational. This is merely prescient thought, seeing that I am promoting cultural oblivion and doing the will of the New World Order.

    The really sad thing about reality today is that they are so indoctrinated and brainwashed into what the MSM has fed them, they are incapable of thinking outside the box and terrified of speaking the truth in case it offends.

    If you don’t want to like whites, blacks, Asians, Chinese, men, women, homosexuals, transsexuals, then that’s entirely your prerogative and no one elses right to persecute you for it. People need to start realising that by going against the initial wishes of another is prejudice, in its modern definition of irrational hostility. If I want to dig a hole in my back garden I will. If I want to urinate in the bush, I will. If I want to not associate, speak or employ whatever race/sex/nationality I will. For you to stop me shows fascism and overwhelming prejudice. It’s time people accepted that their life is theirs and not to be controlled by any other, regardless of the decisions that they make. Everyone does things in life for a reason and that’s their prerogative to do so entirely.


  17. New book about Black-on-White Racism:
    Black Racism, White Victims: Reverse Discrimination, Black-On-White Crime And Other Legal Problems, John Publius

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