Gone ‘HUT’ shopping…

UPDATE: Baring any setback before closing, it looks like I will be staying in Florida – Dixie County, Florida – north of Old Town, and .7-miles from the Suwannee River. Great location, i.e. its private and the area is ideal for poaching manatee – with Manatee Springs State Park nearby. Manatees are another one of the Government’s “protected species,” so poaching is best done under the cover of darkness. I will be able to leave at sunset, harpoon a manatee or two, and be back at the skinning-shed long before sunrise. My new 16’ harpoon should arrive this week:

Well, actually remote land shopping, since I will be building the ‘HUT’. Just sold my property in Florida and will close on it around 8 May ’09. Lots of work packing then moving stuff to storage, and looking for property at the same time … hoping to end up around the Okefenokee Swamp, probably around Fargo, Georgia.

Trying to find areas where the Building Codes are not restrictive and obscene is not easy. A couple of areas in Florida – e.g. around Dixie County – are still a little flexible, but land costs are still too high for my future plans. Electricity has spoiled me, and Government now basically owns the electrical companies since it controls the permitting process. Hard to build a 96 to 400 square foot ‘HUT’ (with electricity) to live in, with the Government looking over your shoulders at every step.

I may be out of internet access for a couple of months, starting just prior to 8 May ’09, and won’t be doing any updates to my blog after that. However, Alltel has some Wireless Internet plans, but they don’t guarantee reception even if their coverage map shows an area being covered. If they will let me check it out first, I may give it a try, but being locked into a 2 year $69.00-a-month contract isn’t very appealing if your ‘HUT’ area ends up out of a reception area.

Gearing down for the “Change” that Obama is bringing…

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