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Obama Fails in Haiti

Posted in "CHANGE", Haiti, Obama by Karmi on January 18, 2010

A 7.0 magnitude – THAT’S 7.0 – earthquake hit Haiti over five days ago (last Tuesday), and today Obama went to ‘rescue’ Democratic candidate Martha Coakley in her Massachusetts’ open US Senate seat race.

Obama promised that he would lead the effort to aid Haiti. In ideal conditions it can take 3-5 days for a human to die of thirst; however, without water, it could take less than a day in humid conditions while exposed to the sun for a human to die from dehydration. Hours later, a frail resident of the home perished in the afternoon heat.

Clash over Haiti aid flights:

Fuel shortages, poor communications and a logjam at the Port au Prince airport on Sunday continued to hinder a massive international aid effort to Haiti five days after a devastating earthquake in which more than 100,000 are now feared to have died.

..As Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary-General, headed for Haiti to see for himself the extent of the worst humanitarian disaster that the world body has had to cope with in decades, concern grew over delays in the airlift to the capital’s airport, which is under US control.

U.S. military should have reached Haiti sooner:

January 14, 2010 – The retired general who took charge of relief efforts in New Orleans, Louisiana, after Hurricane Katrina said Thursday that the U.S. military should have arrived in earthquake-devastated Haiti 24 hours earlier.

Lawlessness Increases in Haiti:

1/17/2010 – On Sunday, conditions in earthquake-ravaged Haiti grew worse as thousands of survivors begged for food and water, bulldozers dumped bodies into mass graves, and lawlessness increased.

Bulldozer after bulldozer dumped buckets full of corpses mixed with debris into a mass grave at a cemetery in downtown Port-au-Prince, the capital. Arms and legs of victims dangled from the side of one bulldozer’s bucket as it prepared to dump bodies into a trench full of rotting, bloated bodies.

..As conditions grew more challenging in the Caribbean nation, where a magnitude-7.0 earthquake struck last Tuesday, the man whom many vaulted to hero stature in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina said Sunday that it would make more sense to have the military run relief operations in Haiti, not USAID and not bureaucrats in Washington.

Elderly and abandoned, 84 Haitians await death:

1/17/2010 – The old lady crawls in the dirt, wailing for her pills. The elderly man lies motionless as rats pick at his overflowing diaper.

There is no food, water or medicine for the 84 surviving residents of the Port-au-Prince Municipal Nursing Home, barely a mile (1 1/2 kilometers) from the airport where a massive international aid effort is taking shape.

Tens of Thousands of Pregnant Women at Risk in Haiti:

Jan 18, 2010 – CARE warned Saturday that pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and young children are at greatest risk in the wake of an earthquake that has devastated the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince and left nearly three million people in need of assistance. There are an estimated 37,000 pregnant women among the affected population in urgent need of safe drinking water, food and medical care.

Praise for Israeli mission in Haiti: ‘Only ones operating’:

01.18.10 – Israeli field hospital earns accolades as only aid mission able to do complex surgery in devastated country. CNN reports other missions transfer patients to Israeli base.

Criticism against the US mission was voiced in the ABC item. The US, it said, had sent staff for a field hospital, but they had still not received the instruments required for surgery. The equipment was supposed to arrive by the weekend, but will get there only Monday night, it seems. Only then will the US be able to set up its field hospital.


People beg for food and water outside a supermarket in Port-au-Prince, Monday, Jan. 18, 2010. Troops, doctors and aid workers flowed into Haiti on Monday even while hundreds of thousands of Tuesday’s quake victims struggled to find water or food.

US accused of ‘occupying’ Haiti as troops flood in:

The French minister in charge of humanitarian relief called on the UN to “clarify” the American role amid claims the military build up was hampering aid efforts … “This is about helping Haiti, not about occupying Haiti,” Mr Joyandet said.

Geneva-based charity Medecins Sans Frontieres backed his calls saying hundreds of lives were being put at risk as planes carrying vital medical supplies were being turned away by American air traffic controllers.

The death toll is now estimated at up to 200,000 lives. Around three million Haitians – a third of the country’s population – have been affected by Tuesday’s earthquake and two million require food assistance … While food and water was gradually arriving at the makeshift camps which have sprung up around the city, riots have broken out in other areas where supplies have still not materialised.

  • Tomorrow will be ONE-WEEK since the earthquake struck Haiti, and now Obama is fighting with the French!?!

Obama Fails in Haiti … enough said.

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  1. SouthernGirl2 said, on January 18, 2010 at 2:44 am

    I mean really! Is it something in the water that’s causing your ignorance?

  2. Karmi said, on January 18, 2010 at 9:42 am


    FIVE days after the earthquake an “elderly man lies motionless as rats pick at his overflowing diaper.”

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