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Shirley Sherrod and Child Farm Workers of the 1970’s

Posted in Black Liberation Theology, Racism, Reparations by Karmi on August 5, 2010

If anyone is wondering where Shirley Sherrod is, well, she’s probably in hiding since running her mouth about suing Andrew Breitbart. Professor Jacobson – of the Le•gal In•sur•rec•tion blog – puts it this way:

1) Shirley Sherrod May Make Andrew Breitbart’s Day

2) Shirley Sherrod May Prefer The Life Left Unexamined

Ron Wilkins – who once worked for Shirley Sherrod – puts it this way:

1) The Other Side of Shirley Sherrod

Ron Wilkins’ article points to the following archived .pdf article, dated September 28, 1974 from the United Farm Workers’ newspaper El Malcriado, “page two”:

1) Children Farm Workers Strike Black Co-op

Albany, Georgia – The black eagle flag first flew over the fields of Georgia on August 19th, when 50 Black farm workers, most of them under 16 years of age, walked out on strike at New Communities, Inc., a farming cooperative near here.

..The strikers walked out for a living wage and humane working conditions … Not only must they work behind machines spraying lethal pesticides, but there is no definite pay scale.

..The union has already won back pay for workers who were not earning the minimum wage, sometimes amounting to as much as $500.

Here’s a copy of the entire article, in case UFW scrubs it from their archives:

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