Am making a few changes to this blog…

The Swamp Hermit’s Report has been wid WordPress since May 23, 2004, and was wid Blogger before that. I’ll keep it going, but changes are coming. Have added MNSKY (AKA Android Minsky) as a New Author ‘n Contractor…a brief history on MNSKY:

Found his parts in a metal scrapyard last year, added a custom whittled tree branch for a new prosthetic arm, and gave him some space in a remote shed to stay.

My ‘Political‘ blog – The Swamp Hermit’s Report – has never done well since I added a WP Page section, especially since the Abrahamic Religions page was added. Either Politics or Religion, but the two together is a recipe for disaster, IMHO. Mix in pages on Black Racism ‘n Black Liberation Theology and people remember not to ever go back there. 😉

Anyway, I have been trying to figure out how to create a new Political Blog, wid just two sides: 1) Totalitarian oriented. 2) Free Human Individual oriented.

There were five forms of governance that migrated from theory to reality in the 20th Century: Socialism, Communism, Fascism, Nazism and Progressivism. The common denominator among them was unprecedented control and regulation by the State over human activity. It is delusional to think that the Totalitarian impulse expired with the 20th Century.’ – E. Nuff Said

That would be the focus…maybe wid a ‘Newsy Feel‘ to it. Short ‘n less opinionated oriented, but a fairly strong Conservative message to counter the Democratic Party’s Totalitarian message that gets accentuated by THEIR 24/7 Media puppet’s Bullhorn.

My other blog, the Linux Newbie – since 1996, has done much better (in less than 3 years) than this blog has in over 17 years, especially since Linux isn’t a popular topic. That Linux Newbie blog sorta runs on its own now, w/o maintaining any social contacts to push it. Run a Linux term search, needs the right term of course, and there’s a pretty good chance that the Linux Newbie – since 1996 shows up on the first Google page.

There is now a fairly popular ‘TuxKarmi, and a definitely unpopular ‘PoliticalKarmi. 😉  ‘Political‘ Karmi is gonna step aside…so to speak whilst smiling.

MNSKY will handle most posts from here, as well as most comments on other blogs…