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Have corrected the original “About” info listed below…it was probably over 17 years old.

Have a newer blog, LINUX NEWBIE – SINCE 1996, which was started in January of 2019. It has been on  the WordPress Business plan since March of 2021, for many reasons, but the two main reasons were – I hated the new Block Editor, and also wanted more Media Library space.

Had spent years ‘n years on the WordPress Free plan/s, and they have done a great job for all those years.

The Business plan is $300 a year (in one payment) and offers all kinds of other benefits. I thought about maybe moving to another provider next year, started the ‘Web Hosting Info ‘n Ideas‘ page for that search, but in the end WordPress offers better long-term benefits.

I also use the Classic Editor on that Linux Newbie blog to create most of the posts here (doing this update ‘There‘ now), so the Business plan is sorta a Twofer😉

Have been doing some new changes here: 1) switched to the Rowling theme (by Anders Norén), 2) switched Widgets order, 3) removed some old pages, 4) changed some menus, and 5) changed Site Identity message.

Will be a little more active here, but still not a whole lots of new posts.


My old Google Blogger.com blog was getting ‘messy’ after four years, and I had planned on cleaning it up and staying there; however, then came the news that leftist Google was locking and/or shutting down “anti-Obama” blogs…primarily the blogs of Hillary’s supporters. Moved from Blogger ‘n Started this blog in May of 2004.

Democratic Party supporters are all a radical bunch, and when they find a way to hurt the ‘Other Side’, they will form Internet Mobs and launch their attacks. The Democratic Party has a long history of using racist and divisive tactics, but their Internet Mobs are just as bad. This year, such tactics came back and bit them, because they had a white woman and a black man going against each other in the primaries. It got nasty, with Obama’s side calling Hillary and her supporters racists, and Hillary’s side calling Obama and his supporters sexists. Google sided with the sexists.

I am anti-Democrat, and further to the right than the Republican Party. Am registered as a Libertarian no party affiliation’ (NPA), but their anti-Military approach stops me from voting for their candidates. Basically, I vote against the Democratic candidates – not actually for the Republican candidates, if that make sense. Being anti-Democrat, Google is a potential threat to my freedom of speech, and thus I moved my ‘Main Blog’ from their Blogger to WordPress (moved from Google to here in May of 2004).

Am still new to WordPress, and so far, I like them a lot Have now been here for over 17 years. Didn’t delete the old Blogger blog, but did set it to be viewed by only me. Have since lost my login info – haven’t been back to that blog for 5-10 years. WordPress allows for importing, so I imported the hundreds of posts from Blogger to here. Started cleaning up the new blog, and ended up just keeping about thirty-six of the old posts…that was a lot of cleaning! Left the old Blogger intact, but viewable only to me, and am in the process of copying this new WordPress blog over to a new Blogger blog (also not viewable), in case WordPress starts creating problems for me. Backing up Blogs…so to speak.

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