Rep. Allen Boyd (D-FL2) and

Confessions of a Conservative: I’m a “Dear MoveOn member” and on the Political Action mailing list.

I forget how I became a “Dear MoveOn member”, but do recall that my reason for joining was to see what they were doing. They send out lots of emails, and were especially busy during the push for Obamacare. When I got an email from them, I would basically do the opposite of what they were asking, e.g. when an email arrived asking me to call or write Rep. Allen Boyd (D-FL2) to show my support for Obamacare, I would call or write my opposition to it.

Yesterday, the following email arrived – What Rep. Boyd voted for:

The bum just flipped from a NO to a YES vote on Obamacare, and wants me to thank him for it!?! I moved to Dixie County, FL last year, and never expected to have another Democrat Representative representing me here…I mean its “DIXIE” County! Rep. Corrine Brown (D-FL3) was my last Representative, and I thought she was bad! At least I knew where she stood on issues.

Rep. Allen Boyd (D-FL2) likes to claim that he is a “Blue Dog” Democrat. He is not, as his recent votes reflect. Rep. Allen Boyd (D-FL2) is clearly just another “” Democrat!

Swåmp Hermî†