“Candace Owens Is Coming to Town!”

A great American and I am happy she's on our side! Candace Owens Is Coming to Town! Too far for me ... one of the few people I would leave my hut to hear tho, even with the crowd she would draw. Here's some of the article: snip ... Many luminaries have appeared as our … Continue reading “Candace Owens Is Coming to Town!”


“Mueller’s Report Speaks Volumes”

One of the greatest things that President Trump has done in his presidency is to finally bring a majority of America's MSM (Mainstream Media) and so-called "reporters" outta their 'Closet' and have them *EXPOSE* themselves for what they actually are - i.e. biased, Fake 'n False, and nothing more than tools of & for the … Continue reading “Mueller’s Report Speaks Volumes”

Antifa = neo-KKK

Antifa is the reincarnation of the Sturmabteilung (AKA – ‘Brownshirts’) with a new name and wearing masks. Their false claim of being “anti-fascist” is akin to the ‘Wolf in Sheep Clothing’ and/or the ‘Narc’ pretending to be a drug user – they are in fact Fascists, at best. There were five forms of governance that … Continue reading Antifa = neo-KKK

“Some people did something” – on 911

Faces of the new Democratic party - spewing hatred of America 24/7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zWFnkNX9m2E Rep. Ilhan Omar's 'some people did something' comment on 9/11 Yeah, those TERRORISTS you are calling "some people" ... "did something" that caused this American to jump out the window of a skyscraper: Fires from the airplanes inside the World Trade Centers … Continue reading “Some people did something” – on 911

Candace Owens Defies the Leftist Narrative

YouTube Hides PragerU Video of Candace Owens’ Testimony in ‘Restricted Mode’ snip ... This time, the restricted video is of Candace Owens’ testimony before the House Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday, which had created several viral moments, one of which has also recently become the most watched C-SPAN video of a House hearing on Twitter. … Continue reading Candace Owens Defies the Leftist Narrative

“I’m not talking about the FBI necessarily, but intelligence agencies more broadly”

Trumps support on the rise, and the Democrats and their MSM's attempt at overthrowing the elected President of the United States of America has failed...not looking good for those involved in the attempted Coup, IMHO. Maybe they thought they could drag it out for four years, and then get a Democratic party Presidential candidate elected … Continue reading “I’m not talking about the FBI necessarily, but intelligence agencies more broadly”

Comey…pack your bags & Best Dress – ‘Rufus’ is waiting!

Wonder what James Brien Comey Jr. will change his name to after he gets a taste of ‘Rufus’? I'm betting he goes with – Brienne (after Brienne of Tarth) since he’s egotistical about his height. Personally, I would like to see him skip the ‘Rufus’ experience and go directly in front of a Firing Squad! … Continue reading Comey…pack your bags & Best Dress – ‘Rufus’ is waiting!