Open ‘Living‘ Letter to Microsoft

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Y’all enjoy interrogating your customers .. don’t you. Bet you would be Waterboarding us all if you could figure out a way to introduce water over the internet.

Know how many Microsoft products I’ve purchased since 1991? Most of the new operating systems you came out with (maybe all). At least two of the Office products .. still have the full Office 2000 version, but got tired of the interrogations I had to go through each time I reinstalled it or built a new computer to install it on and ended up buying the Student Office 2007 version with licenses for 3 PCs. Just had to go through TWO interrogations to get 1 of those licenses installed on a new computer I built.

I’m tired of being treated like a criminal – by YOU after buying your products from YOU!!! You should’ve been paying me for all the Microsoft products I had (and have) been testing, but all I ever got from you after paying for your products were interrogations from you – as if I was some thief trying to steal your Precious products. Am in the process of now moving to Linux – sure, will keep the 2 Vista Home Premium and 1 Vista Ultimate licenses going, along with the 2 Windows 7 licenses plus the new FULL Windows 10 version that I recently purchased (have gone through a really really loooong interrogation on that new purchase already) since the various Linux products I’m now testing incorporates them in their dual-boot process (their boot process so far has included 3 various Linux versions plus 2 Window OSs to select from – seems to be limitless). Ever hear of Puppy Linux? May be the best overall OS I have ever used, IMHO.