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Barack Obama – Affirmative Action on Display

Is anyone else tired of seeing African-Americans cry? Time for some capitalist entrepreneur to create the first African-American Cryin’ Towel, IMHO.


Islam – Religion of Peace and Female Circumcision

Posted in Islam, Religion, Sexism by Karmi on January 8, 2009

Sheelan’s Circumcision

As the midwife slices off part of Sheelan’s genitals, the girl lets out a high-pitched wail heard throughout the neighborhood.

The mother of 7-year-old Sheelan’s parting thought?

“We don’t know why we do it, but we will never stop because Islam and our elders require it.”

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Barack Obama – Rev. James Meeks – African-American Churches

    African-American Churches’ Racists are ‘back-at-it’…again, i.e. blame the “Whites”!!!

Where do the African-American Churches find all these Racist Preachers?!? Do they have some kind of Theological School that specializes in churning out Racist and Hateful Preachers?!? These same black “Field Negro” racists don’t limit their hatred to just whites either, i.e. any black American who doesn’t ‘toe-the-line’ is called a “House Nigger”. Here are two quotes by Rev. James Meeks:

“You got some preachers that are house niggers. You got some elected officials that are house niggers. And rather than them trying to break this up, they gonna fight you to protect this white man!”

“We don’t have slave masters. We got mayors. But they still the same white people who are presiding over systems where black people are not able, or to be educated.”

Like Obama once was, this racist Rev. James Meeks is also an Illinois State Senator, both from Chicago. I haven’t gotten into Rev. James Meeks’ record as a State Senator yet, but Obama’s record was dismal and filled with corrupt friends and associates. More on that later, after we see what else the racist Rev. James Meeks has to say.

    Salem Baptist Church’s Racist Rev. James Meeks says – “We want the White money!”

(Hat Tip – RBO)


Abrahamic Religions – Politics and Religion

Posted in Politics, Religion by Karmi on August 11, 2008

    There are three main “Sister” religions listed under the term Abrahamic Religions:
    1) Judaism 2) Christianity 3) Islam

Christianity is the largest religion (ranked by adherents worldwide), Islam is the second largest, and Judaism is the twelfth largest. All three of these religions claim Abraham as a part of their sacred history. All three of these religions claim that their religious scriptures were “given to them by God.” All three of these religions, with a few exceptions, fall under religions that teach or practice Exclusivism (“Exclusive Principle”), i.e. that only their religion leads to “God and salvation.” With their common connection to Abraham, one might wonder why these Abrahamic Religions can’t get along with each other.

  • Exclusivism“Salvation is found in only one religion.” “Exclusivism” (or “Particularism”) is the view that there is only one way to God and salvation. Thus one religion is uniquely and supremely true and all other religions are false. Christianity is often viewed as an exclusive religion because of Jesus’ statement in John 14:6: “I am the way, the truth and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.” In addition to Christianity, the religions of Islam and Judaism have traditionally been considered to be exclusive religions. Those who hold to Exclusivism usually affirm that other religions possess elements of truth, but these religions do not teach ‘the truth’ that is able to save its followers. In fact, much of what is taught in other religions is viewed by exclusivists as false. It should be noted that some groups within Judaism and Christianity have drifted away from Exclusivism in recent decades.

The history of warfare between these Abrahamic Religions is a long one, and the history of their destructiveness upon other nations is just as long. Interestingly, Christianity and Islam basically used Judaism as the ‘Foundation Block’ for the building of their own religions, even though the history of Judaism is nowhere near as long as claimed, and the accuracy of Jewish texts is not only highly questionable, but in many cases the biblical stories have been plagiarized from much older religions, texts, and stories. Before continuing, check out the following Interactive display, created by Maps of WarHistory of Religion:

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