The Obama’s put their children into the Political Spotlight

What’s next?! Will Barack and Michelle have their young children giving political speeches? Malia is 10-years-old and Sasha is 7-years-old.

    Barack “Che” Obama continues to flip-flop…

Barack “Che” Obama makes a Parental Decision to put his children on the TV show Access Hollywood, for an interview with Maria Menounos.

After Malia and Sasha had already been interviewed, Barack “Che” Obama realizes that it was a foolish Parental Decision, and does another one of his infamous flip-flops:

Ms. Sawyer: All right, and one final thing. We saw you with your children in the last couple of days, the whole family sitting and talking. Is this the future?
Mr. Obama: No. You know, it was an exception. It was Malia’s birthday. We were in Montana. Everybody was having a good time and I think we got carried away a little bit. Generally what makes them so charming is the fact that they’re not spending a lot of time worrying about TV cameras or politics and we want to keep it that way.
Ms. Sawyer: Sorry you did it?
Mr. Obama: … Michelle and I – particularly given the way that it sort of went around the cable stations. I don’t think it’s healthy and it’s something that we’ll be avoiding in the future.

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Lt. Gen. Russell Honoré…a ‘John Wayne dude’.

New ‘John Wayne’ Posted by Picasa

If President George W. Bush is “white” then Lt. Gen. Russell Honoré looks “black”, huh.

Bill Clinton ignored the *THREATS* of Terrorism whilst he sought to gratify his sexual urges in the Oval Office, which should’ve clearly shown what the Democrat Party is capable of producing. Bill still seeks his so-called “Legacy”. A good Leader is rare, and we have two here. Their color may be important to Democrats, but Democrats are racists at best.

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Hurricanes and Generators…

Hurricane Frances recently visited humble me, and much of Florida. She left at least six million Florida residents without electricity, and i’m not sure if that count included those who were still without electricity from Hurricane Charley. Before Hurricane Frances had even left my area of Florida (a remote swamp), Hurricane Ivan was being called the “I-word”…so to speak.

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Independence verses Dependence…

Sunday, July 04, 2004…Independence Day in America, and some 228-years since the Declaration of Independence was “unanimously adopted” by the Second Continental Congress back on July 04, 1776.

As i look around America today, these some 228-years later, and whilst typing these words intermittently mixed with intervals of reading the Declaration of Independence, humble Low and Ignorant Insane swamp hermit me wonders why ‘Da Authors didn’t call it the Declaration of Dependence…so to speak.

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Penis Shrinker/Reducer…

i’m always getting unwanted email, and last year i got one for “Penis Enlarger”. That email got me to thinking, and i did some research to see if anyone was offering something that would be more useful to men like me…as in a Penis Shrinker/Reducer. Guess what i found??? Apparently no one had ever invented something that could shrink or reduce the size of a penis!?! Plenty of modern-day Foot Shrinking businesses (dating back to early China & early Japan)…there’s head-shrinking, tummy and chin tucking, Breast Reductions, stomach and thigh shrinking, but no Penis Shrinking businesses!?!?!?!

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