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Idiot’s Guide to Islam

Idiot’s Guide to Islam

The purpose of these videos is to inform, explain and enlighten people from all over the world about the origins of the Quran and Muhammadan Islam. We want to challenge the knowledge of the audience to such a degree that they will try to find fault, lies, misinformation or disinformation in the contents.

The creators of this site grew up in an Arab country, their mother tongue is Arabic and have been studying and researching the subjects of the Quran, Hadiths, the New Testament, the Hebrew Bible, Arab & Islamic histories for the last 23 years.

We shall explore almost every aspect of Muhammadan Islam from its very beginnings till modern times, relying almost ENTIRELY upon the Arabic and Islamic sources themselves to prove the statements and conclusions here in declared.

We shall endeavour to do our best to comprehensively explain, investigate and discuss the meaning of words, terms and expressions used in the Quran and by the followers of Muhammad.

The above link takes you to the main site, where almost 200 videos are listed…on nine pages. They’re scattered, so click on the link – “See All 164 Videos.”

That takes you to – AhmadsQuran3’s Videos

Go to page Nine for #1 – Introduction to the Series Part 1

Again, they are scattered, but the order goes 1, 1A, 2, etc.

I haven’t seen them all yet, but so far they are very good…good enough to create this Page for them. Here is a sample:

  • We Accuse Part 1A

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