Democrats and 1/1024


The Racist and Two-Faced Democrat Party

The Democrat Party – and their supporters – helped to elect a man who had been a member of the racist TUCC group for over 20 years, i.e. Barack Obama, and still have the audacity to claim that the Republican Party is racist. Before Obama was elected, I had never realized how many black racists … Continue reading The Racist and Two-Faced Democrat Party

Barack Obama – Affirmative Action on Display

Is anyone else tired of seeing African-Americans cry? Time for some capitalist entrepreneur to create the first African-American Cryin' Towel, IMHO. Has anyone seen Barack Obama’s grades – school grades? From any year? Why not? Well, his grades must’ve been extremely bad, since they are hidden from view and/or ignored by MSM. I don’t need … Continue reading Barack Obama – Affirmative Action on Display

Obama’s adviser Van Jones shouts – No más! No más! … No más!

No más! No más!: President Barack Obama's adviser Van Jones has resigned amid controversy over past inflammatory statements, the White House said early Sunday … Fox News Channel host Glenn Beck repeatedly denounced Jones after a group the adviser co-founded,, led an advertising boycott against Beck's show to protest his claim that Obama is … Continue reading Obama’s adviser Van Jones shouts – No más! No más! … No más!

Booker T. Washington and the ‘TAINT’ of Uncle Tomism

“Black History Month” is basically a bad joke, and consists mainly of Historical revisionism (negationism) – i.e. “… the process that attempts to rewrite history by minimizing, denying or simply ignoring essential facts. Perpetrators of such attempts to distort the historical record often use the term because it allows them to cloak their illegitimate activities … Continue reading Booker T. Washington and the ‘TAINT’ of Uncle Tomism

Black Racists are at it…AGAIN!

First - 911 tape captures chimpanzee owner's horror as 200-pound ape mauls friend: When cops arrived, Travis tore off a police cruiser's side mirror and opened the door, prompting a cornered cop to open fire on the burly ape. We all know about the Democratic Party’s new so-called “Stimulus Bill” … the one that any … Continue reading Black Racists are at it…AGAIN!

Wallowing in Hatred and Blackness

“It is important to make a further distinction here among black hatred, black racism, and Black Power. Black hatred is the black man’s strong aversion to white society. No black man living in white America can escape it…But the charge of black racism cannot be reconciled with the facts. While it is true that blacks … Continue reading Wallowing in Hatred and Blackness