Islam’s Declared *WAR* Against America

Brief History lesson for Barack “Che” Obama and other Democrats. The Democratic Party – and their MSM – has been undercutting our Commander in Chief’s ability to defend America since soon after the Islamic Terrorists attacks of September 11, 2001. Immediately after those attacks, the MSM started asking – “Where is the President?” The question … Continue reading Islam’s Declared *WAR* Against America


“Obama’s Iraq Problem: Change That Works For Him”

It’s not often that one gets to see Obama left speechless… Reporter: “Does that mean you can tell us today that you will not change the 16-months timetable?” Obama: (reaches to scratch head) “heeheeheeee I – I – uh ah uhh.” Swåmp Hermî†

*REAL* Torture…Saddam style.

Back during the time that the Democrat Party, the Mainstream Media, “Old Europe”, the AP and Reuters, and most American Liberals were accusing our Troops of “torture” at Abu Ghraib, the WorldNetDaily broke the following story: OPERATION: IRAQI FREEDOM New video reveals real torture scandal Saddam's daily horrors make America's Abu Ghraib abuses seem almost … Continue reading *REAL* Torture…Saddam style.

“Bush lied about Saddam’s Iraq having WMDs…”

If the World is Sane...then i am Insane. “Bush lied about Saddam’s Iraq having WMDs...” is probably the second most often used quote in human history (the first would be, “Bush lied!”), and it has only been around for roughly two years. Saddam had used WMDs against the Iranians, and even his own people, but … Continue reading “Bush lied about Saddam’s Iraq having WMDs…”

Saddam and the Art of Personality Cults

Peeing on one of Saddam's Personality Cult monuments... Whilst humble Low and Ignorant Insane swamp hermit me attempts to understand the phenomenon of Personality Cults, i am reminded of something that i once heard that went sorta like this: ‘Many humans don’t seek Freedom since they are so busy just seeking for a Just Taskmaster.’ … Continue reading Saddam and the Art of Personality Cults