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Booker T. Washington and the ‘TAINT’ of Uncle Tomism

“Black History Month” is basically a bad joke, and consists mainly of Historical revisionism (negationism) – i.e. “… the process that attempts to rewrite history by minimizing, denying or simply ignoring essential facts. Perpetrators of such attempts to distort the historical record often use the term because it allows them to cloak their illegitimate activities with a phrase which has a legitimate meaning. Illegitimate historical revisionists rely on a number of illegitimate techniques to advance their views such as presenting as genuine documents which they know to be forged, inventing ingenious but implausible reasons for distrusting genuine documents, attribute their own conclusions to books and other sources that say the opposite, manipulating statistical series to support their views, and deliberately mistranslate foreign languages sources to support their views.



Islam – Religion of Peace and Female Circumcision

Posted in Islam, Religion, Sexism by Karmi on January 8, 2009

Sheelan’s Circumcision

As the midwife slices off part of Sheelan’s genitals, the girl lets out a high-pitched wail heard throughout the neighborhood.

The mother of 7-year-old Sheelan’s parting thought?

“We don’t know why we do it, but we will never stop because Islam and our elders require it.”

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Barack Obama is a “House Negro”?!

I have some news for Al-Qaida’s Ayman al-Zawahri – there are no “Field Negroes” in America; however, there are plenty of “House Negroes” here, especially in the Democratic Party.

Importation of enslaved Africans to the United States “officially ended in 1808”, and the Thirteenth Amendment to the U. S. Constitution officially ended slavery in 1865, some one-hundred-forty-three years ago. Black Racists like the Rev. Jeremiah Wright (Obama’s friend, advisor and preacher for TWENTY years), Fard Muhammad, Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm X, Louis Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Keith Ellison, James Cone, Dwight Hopkins, Rev. Otis Moss, Rev. Leah Daughtry, Whoopi Goldberg, Rev. James Meeks, Harry Belafonte, etcetera are all “House Negroes”. They have joined sides with radical white Americans in order to destroy America, i.e. they are the “House Negroes” of radical ‘White America’. Here are some more facts about slavery – in America – that America’s Black Racists always ignore:

  • Slavery in the United States: 1) Twelve million black Africans were shipped to the Americas from the 16th to the 19th centuries. Of these, an estimated 645,000 (5.4% of the total) were brought to what is now the United States. The overwhelming majority were shipped to Brazil. 2) The first record of African slavery in Colonial America occurred in 1619.
  • Colonial history of the United States: 1) The term colonial history of the United States refers to the history of the land that would become the United States from the start of European settlement to the time of independence from Europe, and especially to the history of the thirteen colonies of Britain which declared themselves independent in 1776.
  • American Revolutionary War: 1) The American Revolutionary War (1775–1783), also known as the American War of Independence. 2) In 1783, the Treaty of Paris ended the war and recognized the sovereignty of the United States.
  • American Civil War: 1) The American Civil War (1861–1865). 2) The war, the deadliest in American history, caused 620,000 soldier deaths and an undetermined number of civilian casualties, ended slavery in the United States. 3) Grant understood the concept of total war and believed, along with Lincoln and Sherman, that only the utter defeat of Confederate forces and their economic base would bring an end to the war. This was total war not in terms of killing civilians but rather in terms of destroying homes, farms and railroad tracks.

America won the War of Independence in 1783…finally breaking away from British control. America then went to war again, with itself, between 1861 and 1865…to end slavery. Do the math…1861 minus 1783 equals 78 years of slavery in the United States…not the “300 years” that America’s Black Racists falsely claim. Millions of White Americans died whilst fighting for freedom from British rule, and whilst fighting to end slavery.

Ayman al-Zawahri – a Muslim – bragged about Malcolm X – another Muslim – and both of them ignored Islam’s “14 centuries” of slavery. History of the Arab-Islam Slave Trade. Arab-Islam Slave Trade. Islam has a slavery history of 14 centuries, and slavery still exists today in many Muslim countries. Where’s the outrage over those facts?!?

There is certainly no outrage from America’s AfroSpear/AfroSphere (“Black Blogosphere” – the Blogosphere is “too white” even over the color-blind internet?!?), just hatred for “White AmeriKKKa”. Check out their blogs, e.g. The Field Negro and Jack & Jill Politics. The Field Negro blog even keeps a “HOUSE NEGRO OF THE DAY” section for black Americans who don’t agree with the Black Racists.

al Qaeda calls Obama “House Negro:” Zawahiri just lacks, you know, “empathy”

What will Obama’s response be, many are wondering today. If you’ve been paying attention, you already know: This is the fool who in the days following the 9/11 attacks wrote that what the jihadists needed was more…empathy.

Zawahiri gives Obama the Belafonte treatment

Zawahiri channeled entertainer Harry Belafonte, who leveled the same slur against both Powell and Rice. After Powell publicly rebuked Belafonte for the insult, Belafonte hardly appeared contrite over it. In fact, he called Powell a “sell out”, using the same logic as Zawahiri uses here.

Swåmp Hermî†

Anti-Americans Elect R-A-C-I-S-T President

Posted in Black Liberation Theology, Communism, Islam, Liberalism, Obama, Racism by Karmi on November 5, 2008

Barack and Michelle Obama spent 20-years as members of a racist church, so that makes them racists whether they admit it or not. Anyway, Liberals are a mixture of black racists, anti-war groups, Communists, and Muslims all working together for the destruction of America, i.e. all anti-Americans in the same ‘Pea Pod’.

Barack Obama’s Maternal Grandparents – Communists … Parents – Communists … Early Mentors – Communists. MSM would not report those facts, just as they failed to report much on Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers (mentor), Tony Rezko, Frank Marshall Davis (mentor), Rev. James Meeks, Rev. Leah Daughtry, Rashid Khalidi, Ali Abunimah, Bernadine Dohrn, Samantha Power (Anti-Israel foreign policy adviser), Robert Malley (Anti-Israel foreign policy adviser), Hatem El-Hady, Louis Farrakhan, Cynthia K. Miller (NOI and Obama’s U.S. Senate campaign), Jennifer Mason (NOI and Obama’s staff), Shakir Muhammad (NOI and Obama’s state senate campaign), Edward Said, Carl Davidson, Allison Davis (Crook and close friend of Obama), Valerie Jarrett (Crook and senior adviser to Obama’s presidential campaign), etc.

This Disasterin the makings – is going to be fun to watch…

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Russia Invades Georgia – Thanks to Democrats!

Posted in Election, Islam, Liberalism, National Security, Obama, Politics by Karmi on August 12, 2008

    America now faces the aspects of a New Cold War – Thanks to the Democratic Party!

As the Democratic Party continues to fight against America gaining Oil independence, Vladimir Putin’s Russia grows stronger, and now flexes its Strategic Muscle in front of the World. With the Russian invasion of Georgia, Russia has simply pointed out the obvious, i.e. that the Balance of Power has shifted.

With the high gas prices, America has struggled economically, and Russia has grown in power – both economically and militarily. Today, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that she is open to a House vote on Offshore Drilling; however, she adds stipulations that the “bill addressed other energy issues, such as extending tax credits for solar and wind energy and releasing oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.” Knowing that Russia has just invaded Georgia, and even knowing that this invasion is also a threat being made towards America, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi still stipulates that oil be released from our Strategic Petroleum Reserves!!!


Black Liberation Theology – Black Hatred & Black Racists

Posted in Black Liberation Theology, Islam, Liberalism, Obama, Politics, Racism, Reparations, Slavery by Karmi on July 26, 2008

(NOTE: This is a copy of my post that is listed under The Pages section titled “Black Liberation Theology.”)


Leah D. Daughtry and Black Liberation Theology

Leah Daughtry, Democratic Convention CEO and Ordained Minister, Goes After ‘Values Voters’

From his Brooklyn church, Herbert Daughtry immersed his family in the civil rights struggle. Responding to police violence, he helped start the National Black United Front, bringing together parties as varied as the Black Panthers and the Urban League. He espoused black liberation theology, presenting the Gospel as deliverance for the oppressed. It’s the same belief system held by Obama’s controversial former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Well, Well, Well…what have we here? Has the Democratic Party become the haven of Black Liberation Theologists or the Party of Black Liberation Theology?!

As for those worried that Democrats are acting like Republicans when it comes to religion, Daughtry said: “The difference between us and the Republicans is, one, we don’t claim a monopoly on God. We don’t try to be dogmatic about this or make it a litmus test. For us, values come from different places.”

Reverend Leah D. Daughtry…a few questions, if you don’t mind. What do you think about the Black Liberation Theology? I noticed that you have said that you were a “Pentecostal.” In what ways are Pentecostal and the Black Liberation Theology compatible and/or related? Last question – What is your stance on REPARATIONS and/or the Reparations Project?

Behind her as she preached… today Leah was delivering the sermon… Below the sanctuary, in the fellowship hall, a banner for slavery reparations proclaimed, “They Owe Us.”

(Hat Tip: Conservative punk)


Islam’s Declared *WAR* Against America

Posted in Iraq, Islam, Liberalism, National Security, Obama, Politics by Karmi on July 16, 2008
    Brief History lesson for Barack “Che” Obama and other Democrats.

The Democratic Party – and their MSM – has been undercutting our Commander in Chief’s ability to defend America since soon after the Islamic Terrorists attacks of September 11, 2001. Immediately after those attacks, the MSM started asking – “Where is the President?” The question was asked in such a way that it suggested that ‘W’ was in ‘h-i-d-i-n-g’ whilst America was and had been attacked. That was the beginning of the undercutting, and such traitorous behavior has not even slowed down since. Prior to the planned attack against al Qaeda and the Taliban, in Afghanistan, it was being said and reported that ‘5,000 body bags would be needed’ for our dead Troops…‘in just the first year.’ The same was said, reported, and repeated prior to the invasion to free Iraq, i.e. that ‘5,000 body bags would be needed in just the first year.’ Three days into the invasion of Iraq, it was said and reported – “U.S. Troops Bogged Down in Iraq!” What a lie that was! The Democratic Party – and their MSM – could not stand the popularity of ‘W’, so at every opportunity, they sought to undercut both him and our Troops.

Remember now, that the Islamic Terrorists attacks of September 11, 2001 were not their first attacks against America or American citizens, interests, and property. Remember also, that it is the goal of Muslims to establish a worldwide Islamic form of government – a Caliphate – under the rule of one Caliph (‘Caliph is the head of state in a Caliphate’.

Imagine being under the rule of Caliph Saddam Hussein or Caliph Osama bin Laden or Caliph Ahmadinejad…


NBRA Win The War – “Freedom is not Free”

Posted in Islam, National Security by Karmi on July 4, 2008

The National Black Republican Association (NBRA) has another great video out – Win The War. It does a great job of establishing the history of Islam’s War against the entire world, dating back to 622 AD, and the beginnings of their War against America, that started on November 4, 1979. The video is appropriate for this day, July Fourth, and is very enjoyable to watch.

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History of the Arab-Islam Slave Trade

Posted in Islam, Slavery by Karmi on June 30, 2008

This is a history of slavery that is rarely addressed by the likes of a Jeremiah Wright, a Fard Muhammad, an Elijah Muhammad, a Malcolm X, a Louis Farrakhan, a Jesse Jackson, an Al Sharpton, a Keith Ellison, a Warith Muhammad, or a Siraj Wahhaj.

Muslim Black slavery – Islam slave history of Black Africa

(Hat Tip – Baldilocks)


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Obama’s Friends, Associates and Family…

Posted in Corruption, Islam, National Security, Obama, Politics by Karmi on May 15, 2008

Charles Johnson of LGF had a great post the other day – The Skeletons of Obama. At the end, he states: “I have never witnessed a presidential election in which a major candidate had this many skeletons in his closet.” (I’ll list some of the ‘Skeletons’ that he and some commenter’s pointed out, later in this post.) He is absolutely correct. Also, as Geraldine Ferraro pointed out:

“If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position. And if he was a woman (of any color) he would not be in this position. He happens to be very lucky to be who he is. And the country is caught up in the concept”.

Problem for the Democrats and Obama is that he was never vetted. He was black (mother was white), very liberal, spoke and dressed well, and apparently that was enough for his supporters. He can deny anything, even the facts, and his supporters blindly believe him.


Oprah presents: “The Color Purple”

Posted in Islam, Liberalism, National Security, Racism by Karmi on March 24, 2007

UPDATE: Just back from manatee poaching trip (Hey, everyone has to make a living! I harpoon them, which is a humane way of poaching them), and noticed someone from Harpo Productions has linked to this post. The Lady Zahida Perveen and I would like to thank Harpo Productions and Lady Oprah for doing so.

Life – for women – in the Muslim world is not easy, and Lady Zahida Perveen is only one example of the many, many Victims who live under Islam“In Pakistan alone at least three women each day – including victims of rape – are murdered, many just on the suspicion of behaving dishonorably.”

I guess that ‘Life-in-a-Burka’ might not be so bad, when Young Girls are trained from childhood to wear such, but living under the threats of “Honor Killings” and Slavery has to be a horrible way of life for women.

Namaste Oprah,

Great movie…money talks, huh. Just noticed that Oprah Winfrey wants more than a ‘part’ in “The Color Purple”…see: “About the Production“.

Anyway, humble Low and Ignorant Insane swamp hermit me am almost sure that Ms. Alice and Ms. Oprah didn’t actually mean to reflect slavery in the story; however, it does come through quite clearly after several viewings, e.g. ‘Scene One’ pretty much puts slavery on “Center Stage” with Celie’s father/step-father parading her in front of “Mister”. Do Black American Males now owe Black American Females “Reparations” for past slavery, like *ALL* of ‘White’ America does?!? OK…lets throw out “Reparations” and start again…so to speak of Mother Nature working in strange ways to some humans.


Cartoons…Freedom…and, so-called “rage” in the Muslim World

Posted in Islam, Liberalism by Karmi on February 7, 2006

Is the following photo a Cartoon or the Freedom of Expression by Muslims in the Muslim World?!?

*ONE* of Three beheaded Schoolgirls Posted by Picasa


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*REAL* Torture…Saddam style.

Posted in Iraq, Islam, Liberalism by Karmi on January 25, 2006

Back during the time that the Democrat Party, the Mainstream Media, Old Europe, the AP and Reuters, and most American Liberals were accusing our Troops of torture at Abu Ghraib, the WorldNetDaily broke the following story:



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WANTED: Radovan Karadžić and Osama bin Laden

Posted in Islam, Liberalism, National Security, Politics by Karmi on August 4, 2005

Interpol Wanted Fugitives Posted by Picasa

Finding Fugitives ain’t easy…so to speak of Radovan Karadžić and his July 25, 1995 Indictment.

The Democrat Party and Mainstream Media are quick to mention “President Bush still hasn’t captured Osama bin Laden” or “President Bush should get out of Iraq and focus on capturing Osama bin Laden” or etcetera, but you don’t hear much from them when it comes to the Kosovo Conflict or the still Wanted Radovan Karadžić.


Osama…The Film about another “Osama”

Posted in Islam by Karmi on March 25, 2005


My first attempt at doing a movie review:



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The Sword of Damocles

Posted in Islam, Liberalism, National Security, Politics by Karmi on January 9, 2005

Whilst we Americans are holding all kinds of “Hearings” – like the 9-11 Commission hearings, like the Alberto R. Gonzales hearings, like etcetera etcetera etcetera – during a time that we are involved in a War Against Terrorism, in some kind of an attempt to explain why Terrorists were able to Attack us and if our responses are appropriate, humble Low and Ignorant Insane swamp hermit me am reminded of “The Sword of Damocles”…so to speak.

Sword of Damocles


Water Boarding and Abu Ghraib

Posted in Liberalism, National Security, Politics by Karmi on January 6, 2005

How many reading this…how many here reading this have been thru any type of Military Training??? Humble Low and Ignorant Insane swamp hermit me has been thru such in the Army, but am not sure how the Navy does it.

Heck, most civilians have never even heard of the term “Phone Booth”, when it is applied to the Army’s “Captive Training” course, and obviously Ted Kennedy has no clue what some might say that “Water Boarding” is about. From what i am hearing today, “Water Boarding” is a training technique used in the U.S. Navy. Ted Kennedy invented “Automobile Boarding”, and today he dared to ask Alberto Gonzales about “Water Boarding”?!? From what i am hearing, no one dies from “Water Boarding”, but *MANY* die from “Automobile Boarding”…so to speak whilst mentioning “Chappaquiddick”.


Saddam and the Art of Personality Cults

Posted in Iraq, Islam, Liberalism, National Security by Karmi on December 24, 2004

Peeing on one of Saddam’s Personality Cult monuments…


Iraq’s connections to 911, Al Qaeda, and Terrorism

Posted in Iraq, Islam, Liberalism, National Security, Politics by Karmi on May 30, 2004

America’s Left, World Socialists, the Clinton Administration, and the United Nations stood by helplessly for eight years as Saddam Hussein made a mockery of them…made a mockery of their growing list of U.N. Resolutions…made a mockery of their ‘tOhGh’ talks and warnings to him, Saddam Hussein…made a mockery of the “oil-for-food programme” (Resolution 986). It appears that America’s Left, World Socialists, any Democrat Administration, and the United Nations were prepared to simply stand by forever, and to allow Saddam Hussein to continue mocking them.